Have You Ever Encountered a Demon or an Angel?

Have You Ever Encountered a Demon or an Angel?

I would like to hear your story of any encounters you may have had with what you believed to be a demon or an angel.

Nup. Neither.

But with a caveat, what’s your definition of an angel or demon??

Yes, and I married her.

No. Mythical creatures have been unsurprisingly absent from my life. Not an alien, ghost, lake monster, nor large-footed forest-dwelling primate has ever crossed my path.

I guess whatever you believed was or thought might be a demon or an angel.

In the words of Alan Partridge, that is actually more vague.

What do you mean when you say “angel” or “demon” are you being literal, figurative, speaking from a specific religious standpoint…what?

This is the dope, such airy-fairy open questions won’t wash sunshine.

No, my life has been unsurprisingly absent of the nonexistent.

Oh, sorry about that:

Did you ever have an encounter with a being that you thought was an angel or a demon, in the biblical sense, at the moment of your encounter?

Ah, much clearer.


and then did you marry her? Or at least “know her” , in the biblical sense ? :slight_smile:

I see what you did there.

…and what he very wisely didn’t do.

No. Did you?..

In a poll of 158 Dopers, there were nine reports of experiences with angels and demons.

POld joke: One Sunday Satan appeared at the pulpit of a church. All of the parishioners fled, except one old man.

“Do you not fear me, the Prince of Darkness,” Satan thundered.

“Nope. Been married to your sister for fifty years.”

As such things don’t exist, no.

No, I haven’t.

"Please, make up your mind… "

(Someone here might actually get that.)

Nah, I know someone better than any angel: A two-year-old niece who loves to accessorize and can gobble blueberries by the handsful.

Met a couple of retarded girls. Maybe age four or five. They looked at me with such angelic sweetness that I wept, knowing this would be as close as I would get to experiencing the Divine.

Well, once while helping someone set up holiday decorations an angel (of the plastic light-up kind) tried to kill me by falling on me.