Have you ever given anyone a Glasgow kiss?

It seems like it would be as, if not more, painful to the giver as it would be to the recipient.

So have you ever headbutted anyone? Is there a technique involved? Did it hurt? How hurt was the other person? Would you do it again?

the trick is to smack your forehead, which is pretty tough, into your pal’s soft parts, like nose, lips, ear or eye. if you are moving, and he is stationary, it works pretty well and the brunt of the pain goes to your buddy.

my 9 mo old manages to do this to me 2-3 times a day! :smiley: doesn’t faze him a bit!

Point of fact from personal experience:

It hurts far less to give than to receive. I don’t know how the whole moving v. stationary object momentum xfer works, but hitting someone with a headbutt hurts hardly at all, even a hard one. The converse does not apply.

Alright first lets establish what the #$%* a Glasgow kiss is.


agreed that giving is much less painful than receiving. One can really do a lot of damage with a headbutt and the favored target seems to be the nose/checkbone area, and often results in a broken nose.

A Glasgow kiss is a headbutt.

Good point about baby headbutts, too. I’m constantly avoiding the orb of pain that is my son’s head.

Given many many many times. I used to headbutt my brother at Mass instead of hugging him (for the peace bit).

Doesn’t hurt if done right;) Hurts like a BITCH if not.

Secret is location location location. Middle top of the forehead is good but one inch into the hairline (at least on me) is a little ridge that feels no pain but doles out large helpings.

Like iampunha said though incorrectly given you are looking at teary eyes and maybe a butt whuppin.

Stuff Magazine addresses this very issue. The secret apparently is to not use your forehead, but turn the head slightly so that you hit your opponent where your skull is thicker and the brain doesn’t get sloshed around as much.

I’ll take their word for it.

And who says Stuff Magazine isn’t classy…

Given a few. Received a few more, usually done badly, and hurt the giver as much or more than it did me. My thick skull combined with trying to hit me on the same spot he was hitting me with.

Glasgow kiss, phht. A real man delivers a Limerick Squick.

Just above the hairline, in the location where you’d most expect an overhead blow to arrive, the skull is very strong (for obvious reasons: That impending overhead blow!). Striking downwards with this portion of the skull, getting your neck and back into it, will deliver a very strong and very fast blow, while not doing significant harm to yourself (assuming you’re not just too plain crazy to control yourself).

I once knocked a guy to his knees with a fairly gentle headbut this way: He’d asked what it felt like to recieve one, and kept pestering me until I gave him a wee demonstration. I’ve also dented a few fairly heavy metal enclosures demonstrating this for some shipmates. Metal hurts, because it doesn’t flinch, but struck right, it’s not too big a deal.

Head butting generally doesn’t work well on soft tissue, but against less yielding bone, it can be devastating. Don’t try this at home!