Have you ever had a dream that broke for a commercial?

I can only remember it happening once. It was a commercial for a book that I had read recently. It was this one. The Falling Woman.

Has it ever happened to you. What was your dream trying to sell?

No… But I’ve had dreams where things were going along dramatically, until suddenly a director (out of nowhere) shouted “Cut” and everyone was now seen to be an actor, and you could see the cameras and lights. Damn surreal, and a total surprise.

Now that’s interesting. Did you wake up then?

I had one the other night where I was being approached in the darkness by a lady dressed in black very slowly. I would stop the dream and make decisions as to how this lady would look as she got closer. First I noticed she was older, then hispanic and lastly that her neck and hands were covered by very colorful tatoos. She looked as if she may have been beautiful when she was younger. I was the observer and also the director as two different people.

Yeah. I mean we all have commercials in our dreams but you don’t see us running off to buy brand-name merchandise at low, low prices.

When I was a kid I had a dream where the credits rolled at the end.

It was a good thing, too, because I was going through a stage of having lots of nightmares that lingered with me for days, and the dream itself had been a rather exhausting monster-in-the-basement affair. Instead of waking up terrified, I woke up relieved.

Just for Lightspeed Briefs…

The only thing I ever remember as a kid was having nightmares. Never a dream, they were always about things that frightened me.

I vividly recall a nightmare towards the end of my childhood with monsters coming out of the bottom of our pool. In the middle of the dream I said, "this is ridiculous " and forced myself awake. That was the last nightmare I ever had as far as I can remember.


There, or pretty soon after; I usually only remember the last bit of dreams that occur before waking.

This! Yes! I learned, at about ten years of age, how to “sense” the direction a dream was about to take, and to shove it over into a different path. A sort of “smell.” This dream is about to get scary; if I go that way much further, there will be monsters. So…I’ll go another way instead.

It isn’t fully “lucid dreaming,” but a semi-lucid form, with a coarse level of control. And, yeah, I don’t have nightmares, and haven’t for … a whole lot of years.

It’s nice to have a good working relationship with one’s unconscious!

Not a commercial, but I’ve had multiple movie montages set to music.

I had a dream once that got interrupted by a Windows Page Fault error message. The image sort of froze and the error message popped up and woke myself up laughing.

You woke yourself up laughing . . . as well you should have.

Often, when I go to sleep in front of the TV, whatever is playing gets incorporated in to my dream.

So falling asleep to ST: TNG makes for awesome dreaming, but it quicky turns into a nightmare when Star Trek is over and Ronco’s “Set it and forget it” comes on.

It’s disturbing enough that I actually wake the fuck up!

No joke.

“Style and comfort for the discriminating crotch”.