Have you ever hired someone to format your Word docs? How'd that go?

I should probably clarify that I’m not offering to *do *the work, because I’m not an independent contractor, registered as a business, or in any other way set up to do independent work. (Though the idea is very intriguing and once I get back from holidays in October I think I’ll to look into whether there’s similar work available in South Australia on a part-time basis.)

Sorry if it looked like I was offering a negotiating rate - I notice on re-reading that it can be interpreted as an offer, but I’m just trying to give you a starting idea of comparable rates for secretarial work (which is really what report *formatting *- as opposed to writing - would be on level with) country-to-country. If other Dopers chime in with similar information, it might help you identify the best countries to target for your outsourcing needs.


For an employee, perhaps, but a contractor’s rates will/should be higher, because they must pay for their own SS taxes, equipment, bennies, etc. Figure at least double.