Have you ever just run off?

As in,

Just lay your burden down, whatever it’s nature, grab passport and go.

Problems, issues, domestics, dropped, just like that, 1,2,3!
I spent a lot of time dreaming of it at various low points through the years, who hasn’t?

And now, here it is, actually, suddenly and unlikely as it seems, upon me.

Leaving it all behind, pure, complete, total, shameless escapism.

It’s a little more frightening that I’d dreamt so I’m wondering if any other dopers have just up and run off.

Responsibilities and obligations on pause, could you do it?

Have you? Would you?

Wanna come with? Wanna meet for a drink?

I do it every year for a week.

I grabbed my kid and left my ex once. Just drove to the airport, bought a ticket, and flew to Denver. It was the only way to keep my sanity. I ended up going back, but we weren’t long together after that.

Why are you running away? Are you planning a short term or permanent exit?

superbee, you need a passport to go from NC to SC? :slight_smile:

elbows, do you mean run away for ever and ever or run away for a short vacation? I have done the second on a whim a few times but have never done the first. Will you tell family and friends where you are or just disapear?

If it weren’t for my Mom—and, to a lesser extent, my cats—I’d be so outta here . . .

I did one time as a teenager. One morning I decided I couldn’t live with my parents anymore so I stuffed a few things in a backpack,stole some cash from my mom’s wallet and became a homeless person for about a month.


Sounds a bit like that Pina Colada song:

Yes, I have grabbed a passport and flown to Europe without an agenda. Took trains to and through various countries. Returned when I felt like it. And if you’re in the U.S., it’s so big, you can just drive and drive and drive…

Truth is I’ve been doing way, way, way too much for too long.

I am truly at my wits end, I just sooo need the break.

Expect to be gone about a month.

Will be visiting a very dear, and very old friend I have not seen in eight years or so. This will do my spirit a world of good, I know.

Then I hope to escape to a nearby beach and have something of a personal retreat. My life could sure use a reassessment. Lots of reading and reflection, I have already accumulated an armful of books.

I expect to come back a slightly more evolved person. And in better shape.

With a great attitude.

And a killer tan.

And my partner supports this escape, and will carry the weight (it’s quite heavy) in my absence.

I’ve logged a few miles in my time, but this just feels different. It’s a different kind of seeking, I suppose.

It’s a little scary as it gets closer.

Yup, I was working for a company overseas. I hated the job, my life, I was lonely, and had a hateful roommate. When the company went bust, I just upped and left: I left all the furniture I’d bought, my apartment (I didn’t owe any money on it, but I hadn’t cleared it with my landlord), my roommate (with hurried apologies). I sold my TV and my stereo, grabbed my clothes, and drove off one morning a week later. Sold my car and flew home. It felt so good.

No, but I have my fantasies. :smiley:

I’ve never been west of Ontario. Sometimes, I think about just raiding the bank account, jumping in the car and blowing out of here. Just leave my husband, kids and business for a month or two. Call in now and then to let them know I’m okay. See the country. Meet some people.

I’d never do it by myself though. I’d feel too guilty about leaving my obligations. In reality, if it could be arranged, I’d like to actually take the husband and kids. But that’s not really in line with the escapism thing so it probably doesn’t count. :slight_smile:

BTW, elbow, you sound like you have an amazing SO. Look after him/her. And I hope you find what you’re looking for.

I call it re-charging of the batteries. Goodluck, elbows! And here’s to that killer tan: :cool:

Oh! You mean running away temporarily counts? Yes, I guess I’ve done that – took off for Canada a couple of weeks before my PhD exams, figuring I was already so burned out any extra studying wouldn’t make any difference. Came back and passed them on the first try, so maybe it wasn’t that crazy an idea after all.

My dissertation prospectus is due in a couple of months, but I’m going to Amsterdam first. I figure if it worked once, it’ll work again :slight_smile:

Good luck, elbows!

The night after I graduated college, I met a guy in a bar. He said he was going skiing in Utah the next weekend. I asked him if I could come (semi-jokingly). I had no job and no real plan.

He called me that Friday and asked me I was still up for a trip. I packed a backpack, hopped in his car the next morning and took off. We took a week to cross the country (we started in Maryland). When we got there, we got jobs and an apartment. He left within a few weeks, but I ended up living there for a couple years.

It was the best learning experience I’ve ever had.

superbee, maybe I’ll run into you at SBB or the Harley shop on 17 in Surfside (I live less than two minutes from there!).

I, too, have fantasies of running away.

I went to Mexico over winter break. I came within minutes of simply not getting on the plane to come back. I had already started looking for jobs in the city I’d been visiting. A friend of mine had a key to my apartment; I could easily have asked him to sell off my stuff and send me most of the money (he could have the rest of it as a small payment for his help.) It took all my willpower to come back to school.

My pay is direct-deposited into my account each month. Every time I get paid, I consider my bank balance and think, “You know, I could sell everything today, withdraw all my cash, buy a one-way ticket to Brazil, be gone by this afternoon and never come back.”

At times, when I’m driving on errands, I find myself heading towards the airport. I think, “Hey–I could park my car in long-term parking, withdraw all my cash, take my unused credit card, and buy a one-way ticket to somewhere exotic and cheap. I could be gone in a few hours and never, ever, ever have to see my thesis, the abrasive lab tech, the frigid, sterile campus, or my psychotic landlord again.” I’ve gotten as far as driving by the airport exit. Somehow, I never quite get on the off-ramp.

After I graduate, though (and I will graduate, with or without a thesis. I’ve squandered too many good years of my life in the barren misery of my research for me to just back out now, tempting though it may be), I’m out of here. Gone, gone, gone. Preferably to somewhere with a warm climate, where I’ll have to sharpen my Spanish or Portuguese. I’ll consolidate my loans, find some way to not have to cough up tons of American currency each month to pay back the US Dept. of Education, and be out of here.

Well…OK…my research isn’t all barren misery. But many, many parts of it are, and I’ll be very happy when it’s all over.

Lately, I’ve been fighting the urge to get in the car and drive, drive away and never look back.


It’s strangely comforting to know that other people feel like running away, too. I’m not quite sure why it’s that comforting, since the only thing it tells you is that other people feel overburdened or otherwise unhappy, too.

Yep. I knew it was only for a few weeks, but it did clear my head.

Passport, credit card, taxi… whooska! Outta here. Cool feeling.

I did it several years ago. Quit my job, stored what stuff I really wanted to keep, and took off hitchhiking for a while. Did a little back country camping along the way, then came home and restarted my life.

It was, by far, the most relaxing, amazing time I’ve ever had.