Have you ever lost an entire day?

I went to bed last night (well, early AM) thinking it was Sunday night, although I was somewhat peeved how quickly the weekend went.

I woke up this morning. It was light out and my alarm didn’t go off. It’s only Sunday? Holy shit!

Well, that’s great. But how did I lose an entire day?


I believe that technically you didn’t lose a day. You gained one.

You know those people who forget their kids in the car?

This is the phenomena.

Yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be a wet and miserable day, so I stayed inside, cooked and did laundry. Which is my normal Sunday routine.

So last night I just went into normal Sunday night programming. When I woke up this morning I was absolutely thrilled that it was only Sunday morning.

Skip forward, fall aside.

I was once brutally awoken by my clock radio and immediately despaired about it being Monday already. Went to the front door, found no newspaper there and had to go and do my morning visit to the porcelain throne with no fresh news. Horror!

While sitting there reading Friday’s paper, I started thinking the weekend went awfully quickly, and that it was weird that I only remembered stuff I did on Saturday and nothing on Sunday.

And then I realized I’d just absentmindedly primed the clock radio on Saturday night …

It was really nice to be able to go back to bed, but Monday morning was a special kind of hell. “It’s Monday! It’s really indubitably Monday!”


Yup. Back in the 90s, mrAru was deployed and I wasn’t employed at the time. I distinctly remember getting up and doing errands on a Monday, and the next thing I know friends are calling me to see if I wanted to do anything the next evening, which was Friday … I had sat down at my computer to play Eye of the Beholder 1 and that was all I remembered. I had obviously used the toilet, and showered and changed clothes, and kept myself fed and watered - but I can honestly say that I had no memory of the week passing. That is when I started restricting the amount of time I spent on the computer playing games - after that I would set an alarm and break up my housework and errands and playing on the computer, and keeping to a wake/sleep schedule. I also took to leaving the TV on so I would get an idea of the passing of time through the programming.

Every time I fly back from the States to Asia I lose a day. Gain one going there so it balances out.

Next time you go, take routing in the opposite direction so you gain a day when you go, instead of losing it.


I flew across the 180th meridian several times. Does that count? Last year I flew from Tokyo to Houston, and arrived a couple of hours before I took off.

I once accidentally took a mix of drugs I shouldn’t have taken-- it was a combination of prescription and OTC, that the friggin’ uninformed PA told me to get, which did not mix well. I fell asleep around 6pm, and woke up around 9:30. It was light out, but it was summer. I felt like I’d slept all night, and so I thought I’d slept all the way until 9:30am. I got up, started getting breakfast, making coffee-- I felt really charged, actually. Then it started getting darker (it was the middle of the summer). That’s when I realized it was 9:30pm.

I couldn’t fall back to sleep, and gave up at midnight. I took the dogs out, which they loved, because they didn’t really like going out in the heat of the day. I did a bunch of stuff, from cleaning to watching a couple of Law & Order reruns, and I wrote my husband in Iraq a letter.

I never got tired until about 4pm, when I had some coffee, and stayed up until 7, then crashed until 6 the next morning.

It felt like I got a whole extra day, but probably I really only got about 6 hours.

I did call the clinic where I went, and found out how badly they’d screwed up my medication advice, and it’s good I went right to bed after taking it, because people have done some whacko things on the combination of stuff I was on.

Lost a day? Hell, I think I lost all of my 20’s and 30’s.

Similar experience, inverted. I got on a plane one day, got off the day after the next day. The day between the two didn’t exist for me. I wouldn’t have minded much, but the thing was my niece was born on the day I didn’t experience.

Not really lost if you never had them.

I like this guy (or gal)!

This is more due to memory loss than loss of sleep, but it happened a couple times to me shortly after nervous breakdowns.

I never know what day of the week it is. Nor do I really care. Good thing my watch & phone know. I’m real good on the date though.

I haven’t done the OP’s trick. Though on many occasions I have been sleeping weird hours then wake up at twilight unsure if I’m seeing sunrise or sunset.

So far I’ve never taken an afternoon nap that lasted until morning. But I hold out hope for the future! :slight_smile: