Have you ever met a celebrity IRL?

I know several professional hockey players. Does that count?

They are old family friends. EXTREMELY nice guys. Except Darien Hatcher, too much money too young. He’s not a jerk just not as cool as his brother and Shawn Chambers.

I worked in the campus activities office at my college so I got to meet several famous people: Bob Hope, Robert Klein, Jay Leno, Leonard Nimoy, and Kurt Vonnegut. I’ve also met Trisha Yearwood and Wynonna Judd in connection with their concerts.

I had dinner with President Clinton in July 1992, before he became president…even had my picture taken with him, too. He didn’t hit on Mrs. ricepad, but one of the Secret Service Agents with him was mighty cute.

Here are mine:

Met George W. Bush (briefly) two years ago when I was covering a press conference of his for my college newspaper. He was announcing some sort of FBI DNA database for sex offenders. We talked about baseball.

Shot craps in Vicksburg, Miss. last month with one of the guys from N’Sync. Well, he was at the other end of my table.

Saw Quentin Tarantino all by his lonesome at an airport in Austin.

It depends on how you define “celebrity.” I’ve met many well-known science fiction writers, including Raymond Feist, Terry Pratchett, Samuel R. Delany, Michael O’Hare, Hal Clement, Jane Yolen, Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress, Esther M. Friesner, James Morrow, Pamela Sargent, and many others (even more if you count those I’ve met online or over the phone).

Other than O’Hare, the only actor I’ve met was Jane Badler (Diana of “V”). However, we were both around 12 years old at the time.

Depending on how famous we are going, and this is probably going pretty low! Joe Penny from the ‘Jake and the Fatman’ series co hosted the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon when I was volunteering for the Medical College of Georgia. He smelled fabulous!

We saw Ric Flair, the wrestler, at Shoney’s here in Atlanta a number of years ago, and he was SO short! He was with a bunch of guys who all looked top heavy, so maybe they were all wrestlers, but Flair was the only one I recognized from tv commercials he was doing for TBS at the time.

Well, WTF, it’s Friday night and I’m not doing anything else…

I’ve met w/Bill Gibbons several times, as well with John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and a few others. I played for about a year with Jimmy Miller (brother of Steve) and so got to meet Steve. David Fore was a friend for several years (who’s gonna recognize that one?).

In my hack I bagged Fats Domino, Boz Skaggs, the light-haired half of Hall and Oates and a Senator whose name I can’t recall. Oh, and a very intoxicated Jimmy Vaughn (brother of Stevie Ray).

And, this begs a thought or two about celebrity, because I can’t remember the guy’s name, but several friends of mine had an English instructor @ UT with whom we became friendly (I wanna say Sterling something) who’d been the bass player for The Velvet Underground. And I met Roky Ericson (SP?) at a pancake house in Austin.

As a teenager I wrapped George Bush’s house, but never met him.

Oh, and I met Ed Ames once (he was, 'forget the name, the Indian sidekick on the Davy Crockett show) and when I lived in Austin in the 70s I visited several times poolside at Barton Springs with ('can’t remember his real name now) the guy who played Wally, Beaver’s older brother.

After a lecture at the Armadillo in the late '70s, I wound up having a personal chat with Timothy Leary - interesting, informative, and spacey.

And Margaret Mead spent a night in my bed.

Saw Harrison Ford on location shooting “Blade Runner”. Met Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist (and got autographs) on the location for “Remington Steele”. (A friend worked on the show.) I was once an extra (made pottery for a craft faire scene) on “Murder She Wrote”. (Damn - they paid me well for a morning’s work!) Angela Lansbury was very nice and gave my pottery a compliment. Saw George Clooney and Juliana Marguiles (sp?) from “ER” at the commissary at Warner Bros. (? I think it was that studio - a friend worked there.) Saw Drew Carey playing polka music in his car, the same day I saw Clooney, at that same studio. Met Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker on the “Simon & Simon” set at Universal Studios. (Once again, a friend worked at Universal.) Sat next to Russell Johnson (the Professor in “Gilligan’s Island”) on a Universal back lot bus. Saw Sam Waterson (“Law and Order”) walking across the street in Studio City. I could go on forever! I have an eye for celebrities (I recognize them, and remember their names) and I am from LA. And I have friends who work in “the industry”. Which means I’ve seen and recognized A LOT of celebrities.

Oh. Giovanni Ribisi’s mom was in my pottery class. She’s a damned good potter! Waited on Ray Wise, (Laura Palmer’s dad in “Twin Peaks”) at a fabric store I worked at.

I met Margaret Cho at a comedy club. That is one TALL Asian woman. Whenever I see Face/Off I laugh whenever they show her standing next to men because the guys had to be on boxes. I’m 5’3" and I swear I maybe came up to her shoulder.

They all seem to be Canadians…

I’ve met The great One himself, Wayne Gretzky. Nothing like being put on a plane with one of the greatest hockey players of all time.

Spent a good part of an afternoon with Kurt browning, he seemed just like an ordinary guy who likes figure skating. We talked about golf and hockey whenever he wasn’t signing autographs.

Met ex-Canadien Bob Gainey at the World Junior Championships some years ago, turned around and there he was, large as life. WOW.

Had dinner with Patricia Conroy, a country singer. Seemed pretty cool to me. Her career seems to be on the upswing these days.

Met Allanah Myles after a small gig.

My brain is turning to jello here…

I met Wesley Willis before one of his shows and I talked to him for well over an hour. I even bought two CD’s and one of his drawings from him. While talking to his friend I was either offered a place to crash or asked if I knew of a place for them to crash (I couldn’t really understand what he was saying). Either way, I stupidly blew an opportunity to chill with Wesley and his entourage after the show. While talking to me he told me he thought the band opening for him sucked, but when they gave him a shout out during their set he yelled back at them like he liked them.

I’ve met quite a few from work. Rap stars
and sports figures mostly. The ones who
know who I am include Rudolph and Elaine
Isley, Rev. Al and Kathy Jordan Sharpton
(who is one of the nicest people I have
ever met) and local newscaster Brenda

Hey Mr. Cynical, did Teller say anything? I’ve always been curios what his voice sounds like.

DAVEW0071 – Do you know if that’s the same Kitty Carlisle that was on To Tell the Truth? If so, that woman is a walking encylopedia. Very, very intelligent.

I have only met Steve Young, former 49ers quarterback. Actually I met him twice, while working at theater in provo Utah. Very nice guy, but rather self-conscious about his conversation skills.

I have seen Tina Yothers from Family Ties and Dick Clark (he was rushing out of a studio buttoning up his shirt).

I also managed to embarass myself in from of Ty Miller from The Younger Riders (and one X-Files episode). I was trying to point him out to my mom without him noticing but she just said loudly “Ty Miller who?” really loudly. So he looked over at me and gave me the strangest look. Of course, it didn’t help that I had had a bloody nose earlier that day and because we were at Old Tuscon, there was no way I could change shirts. So I looked like some sort of assault victim.

He’s a really tall guy. 6’3" easily.

My family returning from that same trip was in the Las Vegas airport at 2am and spotted Jerry Mathers (Beaver in leave it to Beaver) kind of snoozing up against the wall waiting for his luggage. My sister jut marched on over and asked for a photograph together. He was nice about it. I didn’t walk over because I would have felt to bad about waking him up.

I met George W. Bush at the state fair.
I suspect he was just trying to look popular, though, because he was shaking hands with as many people in one minute as you possibly could.

Let’s see… Most of my famous people are Sci-Fi actors I met while working security at conventions.

From “Independence Day”
Brent Spiner
Jeff Goldblum

From “Voyager”
Kate Mulgrew - Captain Janeway
Jeri Ryan - Seven of Nine

From “DS9”
Nana Visitor - Kira Nerys

From “Battlestar Galactica”
Richard Hatch - Apollo
Herb Jefferson Jr. - Boomer

From “Star Wars”
Anthony Daniels - C3-PO
Kenny Baker - R2D2

From “Sliders”
Jerry O’Connell - Quinn Mallory

That’s all I can remember. Jeez, I need to get a life. I love Sci-Fi, but enough is enough.

The OP mentions singers and actors, but do sports stars count? As I’ve mentioned in previous threads, I’ve met many of the Cardinals: Stan Musial, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, Jim Edmonds, and Fernando Tatis. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an official NL baseball handy for McGee to sign, so I had to settle for his autograph on paper.

My favorite ball player (on basis of personality he’s the one I’d most like to meet and talk to) would be Bob Uecker. He’s just too damn funny. When asked about salaries today he said, “I made about $16,000 a year playing ball and about $7,000 of that was from selling the team’s equipment in the off-season.” When asked about McGwire’s HR performance, Uecker said, “I hit about 15 homeruns in my big league career. 14 of those were in batting practice.”

I did meet Lou Ferigno when I was about 5 years old on an airplane to LA, but I don’t remember much about him except that he was huge and I didn’t believe my dad when he said that was the Hulk cuz his skin wasn’t green. (I was 5, gimme a break!) My dad also met Brian Setzer (of the Stray Cats at the time), Mohammad Ali and Edward G Robinson.

I know Neil McCoy (the country singer). He lives around here, and has lunch at my aunt’s restaurant whenever he’s in town.

I’ve also met:

Pat McManus (humor writer–y’know, the “last laugh” in Outdoor Life) at a book signing, and a picture of me shaking his hand was in the newspaper.

Matthew McConahey (sp? the actor) at my high school–he came back to visit his old teachers last year.

Well the guy I know isn’t really really famous… he is in a band and is on TV though… his name is Jim Hoey he is lead singer for a local band called Oscar Wild (they opened for April Wine when they played here) and the show he is on (and helps produce) is The Dimestore Fisherman… which if anyone gets OLN they can see… I babysit his daughter and he’s a really cool guy. I’ve also talked with him about role playing and stuff…

When I was on Wheel of Fortune at the young age of 12 (for My Favorite Teacher Week), I got to meet Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Pat seemed slightly cold and a little reserved, but Vanna was wonderful. For one of the commercial shoots Vanna showed up to watch and she had one of her babies with her. What a nice woman!
I try to forget about being on Wheel of Fortune though because I didn’t win and I was such a nerdy, scrawny little loser back then…lol

Dare I say this?

I was actually on a TV show with that great star of the TV screen, Fred Grandy (Gopher from the Love Boat). My sisters both made me get autographs, but I doubt they still have them.
Also appearing on the show was Kiki Dee, but she left before I met her.

Oh, and being a state employee in Minnesota, our Governor (surely you know who I mean) has been out to speak to my department, although I didn’t actually shake hands with him or anything.

Pretty pathetic, huh.