Have you ever purchased anything advertised in spam, pop-ups, or from telemarketers?

I recall hearing once (how’s that for a cite) that telemarketers only plan on selling to less than 5% of the people that they contact. I’m not certain if spam and pop-up ads work on a similar business plan or not. Apparently, that 5% makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve never purchased anything from spam or a pop-up. I did once purchase some credit card plan from a telemarketer, though I did cancel it soon afterwards. I was only 19 and had no idea what I was getting involved in.


I’m sure it’s a lot less than 5%. At least I hope it is.

I never bought from spam and I never will. I despise spam with every fiber of my existence, and will never ever do anything to support that type of commerce.

Unless I were poisoned, and I could only get the antidote via spam, then maybe. But only maybe.

Never. Not even from QVC.

I believe I am completely immune to advertising, nd the more direct it is, the less I’m likely to purchase it.

Not one single thing. Neither have I donated over the phone.
And I never will.

In my college days when I was more naive and less worldly, I worked a few months for a local telemarketing company. I would say that the 5% figure is high. It is more realistically around 1% of calls actually yielded a sale. Only those that were really REALLY good at it could possibly make 5% of their calls.

To answer the OP, I have never bought from a telemarketer, and I have never bought anything from a spam e-mail.

I have a friend who responded to one of those “FREEE!!! TV!!1!” spame emails. He jumped through a bunch of hoops - he had to open two credit card accounts (he used each to purchase one item and destroyed the cards), sign up for a month of Blockbuster by mail (cancelled after the first month), and pay shipping charges on free samples of a couple of different things (some kind of cleaning product, some lotion, something else I don’t remember). Once he did all those, though, he did indeed get a new 40 inch HDTV. It cost him a grand total of about $30, lots of patience, and meticulous record keeping to be sure that he actually cancelled everything that he signed up for.

He’s working on a $1500 Visa Gift Card now. Somehow I don’t think he’s really the kind of target they’re looking for.

I think telemarketers might get into the 1-5% range, but spammers send millions of emails, and thus can live on .00…% return rates. A 1cent email tax would put them out of business.

I’ve gone along with a few telephone surveys, especially during voting season, even though I know that some surveys are just looking for people to hit up for donations. But I like those I’m supporting and those against just where I stand.

Wow. I might start actually reading these things now … :wink:

One time, I bought magazine subscriptions through a police organization telephone fundraiser. I got a five-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens for $50. It was worth it!

Oh yeah? So you have a better home now? And garden?

Never, never, never. It just encourages the rat bastids.

Maybe I should modify my question somewhat. Have you *or anyone you know * ever purchased anything from Telemarketers, spam, or pop-ups?

Technically, yes, once. I got an unsolicited email advertising a book about Human Resources in the United Nations. Well, it must have been a pretty d*mn targeted email, because those are 2 professional interests of mine. Still, I’d had no idea the book existed. I don’t know if they sent the ad to a lot of HR people, or a lot of people interested in the U.N., but I figured that they’d hit their mark so well with me that I’d go ahead and buy the book. It was as good as expected.

Yes, actually I DO! We have since purchased a larger, newer home that actually HAS a garden, thankyouverymuch! :smiley: