Have you ever referred to the "SMDB"?

I was conversing with my mom the other night, in front of my stepfather as well, and mentioned something I had read on the “SMDB”. I continued to refer to these boards as such for the next five minutes.

For those who are unfamiliar, “SMDB” refers to “sadism-masochism” and “dominance-bondage”, for those who are into leather and whips and other sorts of kinky sex.

I explained that the “SMDB” was basically a message board, but she just continued to keep a weird look on her face. It didn’t occur to me until later what I had said, and at that point I really didn’t want to bring it up again.

Have you ever done that, or am I just the queen of bungled abbreviations?

I’ve done that. A lot. Don’t know what’s wrong with me! :slight_smile:

Is that why this place is so popular? Well, ya live an’ learn …:smiley:

As for me, no. Mercifully, I haven’t done that yet. Others I’ve talked to about this place, mind, have had more than a case of confusion … :slight_smile:

I just thought it was my mild dyslexia showing up again… :slight_smile:
That and working with computer databases makes “DB” a pretty logical part of an acronym.

I always refer to the SDMB… Usually as just “a message board I frequent” to reduce confusion.

People were quite alarmed when I used to say I was a doper and that I went to the Straight Dope. So I stopped doing that.

Fortunately I’m too ashamed to tell anyone that I frequent this place.

I don’t think “Straight Message Dope Board” is inaccurate. At least in my case.

No, I’ve never done that.