Have you ever said a swear word?

The F word. The P word. The Z word. You name it. Have you ever said a swear word? In what language did you use the swear word, and at whom did you say it? Under what circumstances did you say it, and what happened thereafter? How did swearing make you feel? Do you like to swear? How often do you swear? What is your favorite swear word? What is your least favorite swear word? How many swear words have you uttered? Are you a person who curses frequently or rarely?

I admit that I never curse. I personally find curse words too crude and too coarse to describe the feelings that I want to express. My personality is at odds with my mother’s, though. She has a very colorful vocabulary. I hope you get the implication with the word, “colorful”.

Fuck yeah!

What is the Z word?

I swear all the time, in at least three languages. I love it.

How old are you?

Laughs. How did I know that would be the first answer? I love the Dope.

To the OP, I work where there is a lot of fuck this and I hate that shit. I cuss with the best of them. A few years ago, I spent almost an hour setting up a very complicated search through our data base. As soon as I hit the “go” button, my computer crashed. I stood up, tossed a handful of paper at the monitor and yelled “YOU POOPY HEAD!!!” Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at me with wide eyes. I still get reminders from my boss…you are going to be talking to lawyers, no poopyhead language, please.

Cussing is an outlet. Its a way to shout out your frustrations. One of my friends has a mute/deaf son and she told me that he once told her that one of the things he hates most is that signing a swear word doesn’t allow him to feel the release of his rage. He has been known to run to the computer and type fuckfuckfuckfuck. He wishes he could talk if only to swear when he’s frustrated.

Yeah, I swear, maybe a bit too much, though I can tone it back when I want. I can swear in 4 languages: English, Spanish (usually just a “mierda”), German (Scheiße!), and Mandarin (cao ni ma, supposed to mean f*** your mother). I probably say “Scheiße” more than “shit” because it’s more fun.

Calisse d’osti d’chrisse de tabarnaque, indeed.

I’ve been thinking about saying “Princess Celestia!” instead.

Have I ever said a swear word? :eek:

Heavens no! I, for one, actually like being able to hang out with my friends on the weekend!

Zut alors!

I’m reasonably certain I haven’t spoken the phrase “a swear word,” since the fourth grade, for what that’s worth.

THERE’s the Z word!

We need a swearing alphabet.

OOOoooooh - Mr. Potty Mouth!

I tried not swearing for a while, but I slipped back into it again. Shit.

I do use swear words even when I talk to myself but I generally don’t swear when I’m with people. That doesn’t mean I don’t swear around people at all however I hear “I didn’t know you use swear words” comment quite often.

I developed quite the potty mouth when I went to college, as it turned out. I do curse creatively, though, which I feel makes me a tad more classy than otherwise.

Do tell! :rolleyes:

And just how do you “curse creatively”?
With a snobby upper crust accent or some such? :confused:

Of course I swear. Contrary to what they tell you at school, it is both big and clever.

I don’t swear, I want to go to heaven

Not to answer for Silophant, but from your username, I take it that you spend all of your time underwater, providing second rate blow jobs to whatever aquatic penii float your way, and pleasuring yourself with foam-covered flotsam and jetsam and half-rotted flounders, in between bouts of guzzling dolphin jizz. Were the space between your ears not so full of brackish black water and oceanic STDs, maybe you would be more familiar with things like “creative cursing,” and not feel the need to use the rolleyes smiley, which is really what you look like as you make your way, sea-sick and with your trunks full of dead minnows and two kinds of crabs, back to shore.

Actually, this might be more of a creative beat down, rather than creative cursing, but maybe it will still give you the general idea?


I’m still trying to track down the legendary Hungarian phrase for “virgin in front, bus station round the back”.

“Zoinks!” is a swear word in the context of Scooby Doo.

I do, but save it for when it’s really, REALLY necessary. (Example: “I have been trying to hang these “MF”- drapes for three hours!!!”) USUALLY I will say “Consarnit” or some kinda Ned Flanders-like thing.

This might be a strange opinion but I believe there is a time and place for swearing. You are already 10 minutes late for a job interview and you get a flat tire, etc. “)&(%&#$!” The things that annoy me are the “swearing for the hell of it” junk. “I’m fuckin’ hungry.” What on earth? I used to work at at a movie theater and people would come up to the window and say things like: “Two tickets to fu@king 'Men at Work” in front of their kid. REALLY?

*lol spell check doesn’t recognize “consarnit”. For shame!