Have you ever seen a green carrot?

I bought one yesterday, with my daughter, in a Korean market. It was just labelled “green carrot” and it seem to have the texture and proportions of exactly that, though it’s obviously a different vegetable. Has anyone ever served one, or prepared one, or cooked one? Does it go by a different name? I tried searching for “green carrot” but all the links were metaphorical, about incentives for companies to behave in a more environmentally sensitive manner.

A quick google leads me to believe that a “green carrot” is simply a carrot that’s green.

I’d rather see than be one.

Carrots were not originally orange, but were genetically selected by Dutch botanists to be orange (in honor of the Dutch royal color.) That’s why the standard carrot is orange. Prior to that, it was common to see carrots of many other colors.

I don’t like them in a box, I won’t eat them with a fox…

Oh, you said*** carrot***. I thought you meant eggs and ham.

I’ve never seen a green carrot, but I have seen maroon carrots for sale. These have been developed by the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical college, also known as Texas A&M, partly because of the sheer novelty, and partly because maroon is the school color.

I believe that I’ve also seen other carrot colors, but I’m not sure if they were actually carrots, parsnips, or some other vegetable.

I’ve only ever eaten orange carrots, though.

I’ve seen green carrots…when I’ve dug them up too soon.

However, this page indicates that in chinese cooking, it’s not an unripe carrot, but something else. A radish?