Have you had an eye window on history?

Have you had an eye window onm history?

Have you seen or witnessed important events.

I was present at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology in 1960, when the development of the Pill was announced.

Also, I saw JFK in a parking lot in Baltimore running in the primary.

I was standing about 10 feet from L. Douglas Wilder when he was sworn in as the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia - the first African American to attain such an office. Associate Justice Lewis Powell administered the oath.

I was standing watch in the Kosovo Operations center for the Dept. of State/DoD when the cease-fire and evacuation of refugees was announced in 1999. I had to make sure KFOR and SFOR had clearance to run surveillance and diplomatic overflights, apprise them of the possibility of Russian “fishing trawlers” nearing the Adriatic, and get a copy of the Refugee evacuation plan from Op-center Pentagon. Pretty cool internship, no?