Have you noticed that Google often auto-completes a search of an actress name with "feet"?

I guess there must a be a lot of foot fetishists out there.

There’s even a wiki for celebrity feet.

So I have done some extensive Googlage, typing in an actress’ name, then hitting the space bar to see what the top suggestion is for the 3rd word. Results, in order of execution:

Amanda Peet – hot
Sharon Stone – movies
Susan Sarandon – daughter
Jessica Biel – wedding
Anjelina Jolie – mastectomy
Sally Field – movies
Reese Witherspoon – arrest
Tina Fey – scar
Sandra Bullock – movies
Kelly Reilly – feet
Eva Green – imdb
Rosario Dawson – trance
Lucy Liu – pregnant
Elizabeth Taylor – eyes
Famke Janssen – feet
Molly Ringwald – imdb
Nell Carter – imdb
Jennifer Lawrence – twitter
Halle Berry – movies
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – net worth (feet was 2nd)
Kaley Cuoco – hot
Pamela Anderson – twitter
Lea Thompson – imdb
Jada Pinkett-Smith – sinuous magazine
Meryl Streep – movies
Raquel Welch – wigs
Jennifer Aniston – wedding
Zoe Saldana – wiki
Emma Watson – twitter
Jessica Chastain – imdb (feet 2nd)
Maggie Q – twitter (feet 2nd)
Juno Temple – feet
Rebecca Romijn – feet
Kate Winslet – imdb
Rachel Weisz – feet
Emma Stone – and Andrew Garfield
Jennifer Connelly – movies
Rita Hayworth – and Shawshank Redemption
Marilyn Monroe – quotes
Loni Anderson – 2013
Heather Thomas – poster
Vivica A Fox – net worth
Shannon Tweed – twitter
Jessica Drake – (no suggestion)
Asia Carrera – (no suggestion)

:: blink ::

(Yeah, yeah, Rule 34, I know…)

I can come up with a couple of suggestions. :wink:

And 9 times out of 10 the first suggestion if you type in a male actor or singer’s name is “gay”. The second is usually “girlfriend”, or sometimes “twitter”.

Edit: re the last two names, Google is very efficient at blanking out anything slightly rude. You can be typing something perfectly innocent and suddenly, blam, “Press Enter to search”. Sometimes I can’t even figure out what results it is shielding me from. I’ve found lots of rude things I didn’t even know existed this way :slight_smile:


If Google didn’t block the term “nude” from autocomplete, they’d all be the same.

What a weird little game you’ve now shown me to play :slight_smile:

Feet does tend to be up there regardless of who I type

If you do an image search they put up a little array of other keywords associated with the celeb, and probably 20% of the time one of them is feet.

I don’t know why foot fetishists get to dominate the search results, apart from it being an innocuous term. Nude, or even upskirt would likely appear higher if Google wasn’t PG filtering everything by default.

And likely at the same time. :wink:

Nell Carter – nude :eek:

never mind

Well, it is the most common fetish* (excepting those we don’t really call fetishes, like a boob, ass, or leg fetish.) Kinda surprised legs aren’t more common, though, since that could also be an innocuous term. Maybe it’s because leggy photos are more common, and thus people don’t have to search for them as much.

*Yes, technically I mean paraphilia, but that ship has sailed.

It’s not just foot fetishists but… WOMEN!!

See, if you type an actresses name and put the word “shoes” after it, it’ll take you to a store website called Famke Jensen Shoes, which has nothing to do with the actress or feet. Most of the pics that pop up after that search with “feet” aren’t the actresses feet but pics of them on a red carpet wearing Louis Voittons for some event and the girls need to see THE SHOES!!!

So typing “feet” eliminates the shoe websites and text articles of the actress describing their shoes instead of showing pics.