Have you personally had laser treatments to reduce back pains or accelerate the healing?

Have you personally had laser treatments to reduce back pains or accelerate the healing?

  1. If so, what is some of the good and bad info about the procedure?
  2. My back was injured in 1991 from a fall about 6’ high to concrete on my side causing a bulging disc, two shots for the 1st 10 yrs.
  3. My Orthopedic Dr said he d/n expect to see me again until I was ready for surgery. I h/n been back due to 2mi walks 5 wk days
  4. The bulge has to be pointed out with a pencil point. It appeared as all was fair for about 10 yrs but now the Pains Again.
  5. I feel they are muscle related since the real pains are after mild twisting/bending/lifting (controlled knowing I have a problem).
  6. I saw my Dr today and he feels Soma 350 MG should get me through this vs any imaging or Etc treatments.

What lasers? Do you mean infrared lights or is there something else that is being considered? I have no experience, but since back problems run in my family it is interesting to hear about new therapies.

I’m also interested in this laser business, as I have back pains.

FWIW, my major problems are with bending & twisting, which cause the disc to bulge and compress the nerve. Nothing muscular. I do exercises to nudge it back in place, but I’m sure that one day they’ll fail and I’ll need surgery.

Yeah, I have never heard of lasers being used for treating anything like back pain, and find it hard to imagine what use they might be for it. Are you sure this isn’t some scam?

Also, I would point out, “imaging” is not a treatment for anything, although some form of imaging is an appropriate medical test in some circumstances.

Lasers for back pain? Tell me more.

Couple points:

  1. I had back pain for around 20 years before I finally found a chiropractor who didn’t charge 1k up front. He fixed it (rather than just treat the symptoms, which is what a regular doctor would have done.) The side effect is that chiropractic loosens the ligaments in your back, so it’s more likely to throw out your back doing seemingly simple maneuvers. I’ve had joints pop out taking laundry out of the machine, golfing, and pulling chairs across a carpet.

  2. Conversely, I had a roommate with a genetic back disorder (his back was slowly fusing together, i forget the name for it but it seems common.) He tried medicine, chiropractic, herbs, acupuncture, etc. etc. etc. Finally, he went to a doctor that used lasers or sonics or something on him, and that is what finally worked for him. Our boss at the time told him sometimes it’s like that: You have to try many different things until you find the one that works for you, because nothing works the same for everyone. My chinese doctor, for example, is best when I have a sore shoulder or a cold, my chiropractor for back pain, and the emergency room for broken bones.

In addition, I would totally recommend chasing different procedures until you find one that works. From personal experience, I had no idea what a prison pain could be until it was gone. Now, I don’t endure pain for any longer than a few hours before I do something about it.

There has been a huge increase in ads for “laser treatment” of a variety of conditions. Every ad I’ve read may as well be printed in Red-Flag Red for the amount of misdirection, meaningless statements and associative logic. I’ve been unable to find any authoritative information on exactly what “laser treatment” does - in lay terms or professional.

It’s common to see phrases like “FDA approved” or “passed by the AMA” - meaning, in all likelihood, that it does nothing they’re concerned about.

My conclusion is it’s halfway between straight woo and simple infrared-heat therapy. Open to cites showing its function, purpose and clinically-established effectiveness.

Lower Back Pain Laser Treatment

This is the address below or related. It could be related to Tens units I have used or ultrasound that Chiropractors have used for deep stimulating treatments.

My Dr has prescribed Soma 350 mg that has helped in the past from excessive work. He felt I was dealing with muscles vs skeletal/disc from his exam of the pains. Learning my new limits and sudden pains W/O working have been painful challenges.

Trying to maintain a semi active lifestyle in retirement and manage past injury’s pains is challenging.

  1. How do you know when you need muscle relaxes vs more MRIs to see if old injuries still exist?
  2. How do you find an Orthopedic Dr on a Workers Comp case you felt you were past 10 yrs ago?
  3. Why are Chiropractors not recommended by MDs if they have been known to relive strains pains?
  4. I feel I’ll live through this pain but I have seen good results from trainers, Chiropractors, non MDs

The Bottom Line seems to be no one (including myself) wants to dead with Workers Comp Injuries. They require too much Red Tape and Time Consuming. Not to mention if you gave up for 10-12 years of treatments (shots).

No. I haven’t personally had laser treatments to reduce back pains or accelerate the healing.