Have you seen this scam?

I got an email thanking me for my purchase of some horseshit thing
called MyMoneyChoices Tele-Seminar, for $87.

I replied that I hadn’t bought the thing.

Couple of days later I get a CD via Priorityl with the title mentioned above.
Just the CD in the envelope. Nothing else.

I go to my bank and they check things out. No charges to my accounts.

What gives?

Betcha anything there’s some virus on the CD set to install itself on your computer when you insert it.

These are the outfits they listed, and as you’d expect, there ain’t no such company
in Melrose.


No Dream Too Big LLC
PO Box 1220
Melrose FL USA 32666

Sounds plausible.

If there are viruses and I scan the CD with AVG Pro, might the software detect them?

Who cares? Chuck the thing and be done with it.

Well, Okay! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, but why take the chance there’s other malicious stuff like rootkits? Like Inner Stickler says, chuck it.

Let X be the chance there’s something you want on the CD, and Y be the chance there’s something you really don’t want.

I think we can assume that Y > 100 * X.

But if he throws it away he’ll never really know, and more importantly WE will never really know. And what’s more important a virus-free system or fighting ignorance? I think we all know the answer to that.

I’m going to venture a guess that you’ll be getting an invoice in the next few weeks.

Not going to bet against the virus/rootkit theory though. Just really doesn’t make economic sense as a distribution vector unless they were under the impression that you were a business and hoping to get a hook into a large and/or sensitive network.

Okay. New plan. BarnOwl, mail the CD to lalenin.

Yep, me too. Sounds like a more techy version of the book scam where you get sent endless books (thank you TimeLife et al) and then pestered for payment endlessly.

How did the company get your mailing address from an email?


I don’t know. probably some company sold it - along with a million others, I imagine.

The bank cancelled my credit card and gave me a new one, to foil the scammers. So, I’ll sit back and wait.

BTW. in the OP when I asked about scanning the CD, I meant just putting it in the drive and scanning it there. I can right click the drive and scan the CD for viruseswith AVG antivirus, but not for other malware.

Probably wouldn’t tell me squat, though.

If you have AutoRun enabled on your machine, Malicious software could run automatically on insertion - the damage could already be done by the time you start scanning the CD.

Holding down the shift key as you put in the CD suppresses the autorun function.

Thank you

Better yet, turn it off permanently. http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article03-018

Yes, they’ll almost certainly bill you for it. Fortunately, you have no obligation to pay or return an unwanted piece of mail.