Have you tried Hydroderm?

I believe it’s been marketed to women of a certain age. I’m pretty sure Yahoo! used my demographic data to target Hydroderm ads at me. I went for the free trial of one month’s worth. The catch is always that it takes longer than the free trial period to be able to evaluate whether it’s going to work well enough.

There’s another catch. You either mail the stuff back, at your own expense, in which case it’s free. Or you don’t, in which case they bill you. And that’s fine except, as you said, it takes longer than a month to see if it’s really going to work. But once you’ve been billed, then they send you another month’s supply–and bill you again. And so on.

Supposedly you can cancel at any time. Right; getting out of these things is never as easy as getting in.

Dump out the product into another bottle. Return empty bottle to Hydroderm. Decide if you like their product and then return to purchase more. The ONLY way.

BTW, I actually happily returned my Hydroderm so they wouldn’t charge me. Didn’t dump any out, sent it all back. Didn’t do jack.

Now though, I have some Dr. Brandt’s Crease Release creme from Sephora which actually seems to provide a noticeable difference. You gotta do blind tests on your SO to find this out. Treat half your face and ask them to point out the treated side. My husband actually answered right, but seeing as there’s only two choices it was 50/50. But, hey, he used the right word (noticeable) so they get to keep my much money.

FYI, you can buy Hydroderm at GNC or other vitamin/health stores like that. I think it’s the same price.

I used it for a year or so before getting bored with it. I think it helps in the short term, which is all any product can really promise. I had them sending me a bottle every three months or so, you can sign up for it like that.

One gross thing, in the list of ingredients, one of them is “placenta.” I know it’s animal, but that word in relation to something I’m putting on my face kinda icks me out. Lol.

Also, I cancelled with no problem at all.