Have you tried the pre-release Vista by MS?

I almost did, but since I am technologically brain dead, I decided to wait until I heard one way or the other.

The promo says try it - but not for how long?

If you have tried it, what is your judgement so far? Lots than XP? In what ways?

Lots better than XP?

I’ve got it on a dual-boot on my machine. I’ve got the Beta 2 installed, not the release candidate.

It’s very nice. I love the new .NET 3.0 and the new WPF display technology. It’s really going to change the way user interfaces are designed in Windows. It’s a major aesthetic improvement over XP, with transparency, a vector-based rendering engine that leverages graphics card’s processing power rather than the CPU’s. That also means you get all the cool image processing stuff right in your user interface, not just in games. You can do some very cool things with that power, such as have a task-switcher that looks like a big carousel that you can spin with your mouse, with actual thumbnails of the screens in the carousel.

As a developer, this stuff has got me more excited than when .NET first came out. It’s just very cool.

The OS itself has a faster boot time, a nicer user interface, a whole bunch of great new tools and games, and just seems more polished all around.

Even the Beta 2 was fairly stable. I had a problem with a screensaver causing a reboot, but that was pretty much it.

I definitely think it’s better than XP, but not enough to get me to switch from OS X. The UI is nice looking, and I like some of the more usability-oriented changes they’ve made as well. However, it still has a lot of the problems that make me dislike Windows. It bugs the user too much instead of staying out of my way.

All in all, if I were a Windows user, I would not worry too much about upgrading until I got a new computer, but it’s not a bad change by any means.

I am a big time geek!

I’m running beta 2 of Vista/Office 12 on an underpowered Toshiba tablet. It is still pretty dang cool. I don’t get the full graphics but the way programs are intuitively laid out is great. Boot time is considerably faster. Only issue I’ve run into is 1+ megabyte files in movie maker causing frequent crashes. I’ve only had it installed for about a week and will go live in a production environment next week.

How long is the trial period and does Vista automatically revert to your original OS?

We’re all happy for you. Now, about your trial of Vista… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You should give the release candidate a try. We’ve found that it’s in significantly better shape than the betas.

Vista’s a nice-looking OS, but it’s also significantly more secure than earlier versions of Windows. Makes it a pain in the ass to do automated user support tools (like I do), but I think it’ll go over well.

I’ll preface this with a disclaimer: I’m a Mac OS X fan, but I run XP regulary, including exclusively at work.

Aside from the eye candy, there’s nothing there except additional annoyances IMHO. This is the RC version, “Ultimate,” by the way. Sure, better security, but that doesn’t help me, because I’m not some idiot that downloads indiscriminately from buggy sites. Everything seems completely disjointed and randomly spread about the system to me, compared to XP. Among my chief complaints with XP was that I was no longer in control of simple frigging settings on my computer because these stupid, insulting, SLOW wizards took over. That’s now at an extreme level in Vista. Every time I tried to do basic (to me) things, I had to get interrupted by stupid security warnings and non-dismissing dialogue boxes. Once I spent more than an hour trying to set up the system to my liking, there wasn’t much of anything that all would make me want to switch from XP. On the other hand, there were truly compelling reasons to switch to XP from 2000, 98, or (especially) ME. For my own needs and purposes, I’m actually seeing compelling reasons not to move to Vista.

Of course the old YMMV applies here – after all, I’m chiefly a Mac user (no, it’s not 'cos of the aesthetics) when I have the choice. So, that’s just my take on it. You may be happy with it some some reason versus older Windows.

We have a full release version – well we had a full release version – until I realized that no one signed the license agreement for it (I would’ve, but it’s beyond my authorization level). We actually probably still have it and are using it right now. :smack: While we had it, my R&D (Security section) were running it, and benchmarking it against my company’s security suite. Security wise, it’s not that great, and doesn’t really protect anything except the OS (hmmm…I wonder why? :rolleyes: ). As for asthetics, the guys in the lab thought it was cool for Windows, but overall kinda of underwhelmed.

I installed Beta 2 (there’s a newer pre-release now).

I ran it for about an hour, and in that time probably answered thirty or more “Such and such is a security threat, are you sure you want to do it?” sort of questions – about trivial things like launching applications, opening documents, changing system settings, and browsing web pages. I couldn’t find anything easily, since they apparently arbitrarily moved everything around vs. XP. It wouldn’t read one of my hard drives (which XP has no issue with), and destroyed my boot environment to the point where it took me a few hours to get my XP/Linux dual boot back (and I’d given Vista an empty drive all to itself to try and prevent this). I do this stuff for a living, most folks would have had to take the system back to the shop to get it working again.

I don’t have the choice of not using it; I write cross-platform desktop software for a living, and I can’t very well ignore the new platform from Microsoft – my customers will demand it. But I’ll wait for the release version, thanks (like most developers, I’ll get it a little before the general public to have some testing time.)

I listened to a public radio blurb on Vista yesteday, and a couple of things mentioned are making me leery of it. Does anyone have experiance with these?

The blurb mentioned that 2 unnamed large unnamed computer security software companies are miffed because their software won’t run in Vista. I’m guessing that is Norton and McAffee. Does anyone know if they are deliberately locked out, or is it a 32bit vs 64bit thing.

Second, there was a mention of Vista totally locking you out of your computer, if the software decides that you are running a non-registered version. Since I have zero confidence in any companies/softwares ability to do this correctly, that’s making me very gun-shy. Anyone have info on that?

From here:

"Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled anti-piracy plans for Windows Vista that take tougher measures against users of counterfeit software, including limiting protection against spyware and incapacitating the PC. Not everyone welcomed the measures. "

This new system for Windows Vista seems similar to their genuine advantage program (the advantage is for them of course) for XP, except the new version disables hardware you own.

The genuine advantage has made dozens of mistakes that I have read and determined legitimate software to be pirated. I am sure this will continue with Vista. Plus I could see people creating viruses to cause legitimate versions of XP to be registered as pirated.

I will not touch this new version until my old software won’t run or becomes too inefficient. I wouldn’t think Microsoft could get away with this, but they did get away with activation. Hopefully this will be a big boost for Linux.

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