Having a bad day? Top this!

My wallet was stolen at the beach today. Why a person would steal a wallet with absolutely no cash in it is beyond me! But now I have to go through the tedious pain in the ass that is replacing its contents. God, I am so pissed. This is going to be very inconvenient!

In my wallet was every form of indentification I have. Probably not a good idea. Well… obviously not a good idea. Here’s everything I need to replace now:

My driver’s license. (Actually I had two of these. Shhhh dont tell the DMV)
I dont think I need to explain what a pain the DMV is.

Concealed Firearm’s license.
Need to type a letter, have it notarized, and mail it to the state with $15

Military ID Card
This is going to be such a huge pain in the ass to replace!! Having to email my MSG and tell him about it was bad enough, not to even mention all the hoops I’ll be jumping through to get a replacement.

Social Security Card
Have no idea how to replace. I’m sure it will suck.

Official Department of Defense Credit Card
Oh god! Please let the asshole try to use this. I would so like some feds to go after them! Trying to buy something with this card would almost gauruntee that I get my wallet back. Im not sure how big a pain this will be to replace.

Check Card
No purchases attempted. It’s already cancelled and a replacement is on the way.

Several Department Store Credit Cards.
Damn customer service reps for these places are not open weekends. So I guess the thieves have all weekend to buy stuff from Target :rolleyes:

Gas Card
Replacement already on the way. But damnit, I have no Check Card and no Gas card. How am I going to fill up my car for the next couple days. I think Circle K takes checks. . .

Military Star Card
Ill be calling on this one later today.

I also had various cards that I don’t have the first clue on how to replace. Firearms instructor card, voter’s registration, BLS Card, VIP and comp cards to various clubs and restaurants, insurance card. . . and god I hope that’s it. I’m sure I’ll remember something else was in there when I need it.

Well… I guess I’ll be sitting at home tonight since I have no ID and won’t be allowed into any bars or clubs. Grrr.
So what do you think is the possibility the thieves will mail me back my wallet???

Well, I hope you have some liquor in your house…sounds like you need a stiff one or a cold one. One must wonder though, when flipping through your wallet, why the hell they didn’t return it…Department of Defense, Military Card, Concealed Weapons? Yeah, I’d be one scared wallet thief.

And do the social security card last–they require all the ID’s you got stolen.

Poor thing.

That downright sucks.

I left my wallet on top of my car at a gas station once and drove off (on a Saturday night) into a really busy street.

On Monday, the guy who cuts the grass strip seperating the north/south of the road called me. Nothing was touched but I did have to drive into a really bad neighborhood to get it.
Now I only carry what I need.
I think you can get your SS card replaced online. Social security Admin

How do I phrase this nicely…

What kind of idiot puts all that in a wallet?!?!?!

Do/Did you really need all of that every time you left the house? The only things missing was an extra house key, car key, the passwords to your ATM card and a winning lottery ticket!

OK…you have learned a BIG lesson today.

Firstly, photocopy everything that is in your wallet.
Secondly, take half of that crap out of your wallet and leave it in a safe place at home, maybe in a safe?
Thirdly, this sucks and I feel your pain.

If it makes you feel any better, I once lost a wallet (with my address and three dollars in it) when I was about 15 years old. A year later, my wallet arrived in the mail from a very nice guy who found it in the back part of a booth at a diner - and he even left the three bucks in the wallet!

So - with any luck, your wallet will be found or Orca the Whale is burping it up somewhere off the coast of New Zealand by now.

Worst case scenario…you are now the proud owner of a plasma television that you unfortunately will never be able to view.

I’ve had my wallet stolen twice. It sucks :frowning:

[Life Support: Penne]I love the beach though, it’s a treasure trove! Just last week I found a wallet and a watch buried in a shoe![/Penne]

Poor Bear :frowning:

Speaking as a grocery store office cashier (I do that on the weekends in addition to teaching), it’s going to be difficult for you to use checks because most stores require ID to present/cash them. You can use cash, or have someone Western Union you some money. Since you don’t have ID, make sure the sender puts in a test question. Once you answer the question correctly, then no ID is needed to receive the money.

Good luck!

Hate to say it, but you’re now open to the grand, exciting world of identity theft. You’ll need to protect yourself by reporting the theft to as many agencies as possible as quickly as possible.

The Federal Trade Commission has a website that lists all the steps you need to take, and includes links to the credit reporting agencies where you can complete the reporting online. (I think, when I had to go through it, one of the big 3 didn’t allow the full process to happen online, but I think that’s been remedied.)

The only thing about putting an identity theft notice into your credit reports that might be a hassle is that you’ll be required to give two proofs of identity and address whenever you apply for credit or new bank accounts (or anything else which would involve a credit check) for the next six months to a year. It’s an extra step for you, but it’s a nice protection in case your thief (or his cohorts) try to do things in your name.

Do you have services like SecureSentinel which for $50 covers 25 cards, 2 mobile phones, passports, keys, documents and electronic equipment, coded luggage tags and even emergency cash supplies. You only have to contact one number and they do everything from there.

That sucks huge, Bear. As far as the SS card, you’re gonna have to get it last. They want a recent issue picture ID and a form you have to fill out for a replacement card. Either mail it or take it to the SS office – there’s one in a strip center on Dale Mabry between Fletcher and Ehrlich. For the DMV, call ahead and get an appointment. It’ll save you a lot of tears.

If you’re desperate to get a check cashed, e-mail me – my store does check cashing, and I can get one of yours cashed if you are in St Pete.

Winter break my second year of college I got home and went for some chinese food with a friend of mine. I had all my text book sell back cash in my wallet. I lost my wallet at the chinese place, or near by, and never found it. Not only was I out the cash but I need to get my driver’s license renewed close to Christmas. Not fun at all.

Replacing a lost Social Security card. There’s no fee, you need only go to your local SSA office with the required identification. The irritating part is the wait for them to mail your new card to you: typically 4 to 6 weeks.

Thanks for the help everyone. And DMark, I don’t really have another place to put the stuff. While I dont always need my voter’s registration or social security card, I do need the other stuff almost daily – the IDs anyway. Or at least often enough to keep it in my wallet where I know I won’t lose it. (Don’t laugh. It was stolen, not lost).
I don’t have a “home” to leave the stuff. I am currently crashing randomly among about a half dozen places. I’ll be on active duty in November, so finding an apartment or something would be silly. I have all my stuff in storage, except for some clothes that I keep mainly at my parent’s house and my brother’s house.
If I left some wallet items at my brother’s, but I happened to be at my mother’s, Id have to go all the way over there to get it.

I guess I could have placed the other things in my glove box. But, the entire wallet should have probably been in there yesterday.

Not a very helpful response, but man…all I can say is sorry that this happened. :frowning:

It could have been worse.

You could have been held up at gun point by a crack addict who shoots you anyway, takes your stuff and leaves you bleeding all over the sand with a sucking chest wound.

Then you have sand up your ass.
Hope this helps.

Maybe it’s because I’m european, but I don’t find it unreasonable to carry ID and credit cards in the wallet. The only odd item on the list I see is the social security card, but apart from that I’d carry the same stuff with me (plus the extra car key you mentioned) in my wallet.

But then, they do tell you not to carry your Social Security Card with you. So why should they spend my tax money to provide faster service to people who fail to follow instructions?

Just wait the 4-6 weeks. There aren’t many things that you need your Social Security card for, anyway.

My wallet recently went MIA and it had no money in it either. Now I gotta go deal with replacing it.

Damn Bear sorry that happened. No words of wisdom here cause you know what you gotta do, but I can wish it to be as painless as possible. Well, I can empathize, cause I’ve been there done that myself. Here’s hoping it all gets resolved real soon.

What sucks is the SS Card was not something I keep in my wallet. I needed it for something about three weeks ago, so I had to go to my storage and pull it out of a file. I wasn’t in any rush to go back there just to put the card back in the file. So it’s been hanging out in my wallet for a couple weeks.

Ahh. So it was the “worst possible time” effect inspiring the thief.

Rather like your computer’s automatic circuit to detect the “worst possible time” to crash! Such is life.