Having an adverse reaction to a dark chocolate

Recently I bought a bar of dark chocolate with a brand of Dagoba, Organic Chocolate. I’ve never had an adverse reaction to chocolate before (I LOVE dark chocolate and love trying new brands), but this time something isn’t right. My tongue has swollen up and hurts towards the back and my throat hurts as well.

What could be causing this? Is there something in ‘organic chocolate’ that could be causing it, or could it be some kind of contaminant? It’s a 59% blend (I usually like 60-70%).

I don’t have the wrapper anymore, but I presume that (being organic) it contains chocolate, milk and sugar, or something along those lines. Any ideas what could be causing this? It’s quite painful and nearly to the point where I’m tempted to check into an emergency room. :frowning:


I’d get to the ER if I were you; allergic reactions in your throat are nothing to fool around with. Get!

I HATE going to the hospital. Also, my throat doesn’t seem to be closing (just my tongue swelling a bit)…just burning and painful. Still, I’m inclined to take your advice…this has got me a bit spooked.


Get to where you can be given antihistamines or more if needed. I can tell you’ve never seen fast severe swelling. You could wait in the the ER to see if it gets too bad, and not see someone if it doesn’t incase money is tight.

Please go to the E.R. right now… mandatory I’m serious… last time I had an anaphylactic reaction it started like that, and I was told that death could have occurred without intervention. :eek: Anaphylaxis can go from “swollen tongue” to “windpipe sealed” in an unbelievably short amount of time. Good luck… Keep us posted!

Follow the first aid comments posted already.

Then read up on “organic.” It’s an abused word. In fact, the USDA just issued new requirements as to what may be labeled “organic.”

Get away from your computer and get to the emergency room NOW, my friend.

There is a chance you can die! Your symptoms are serious.

Quit writing and wining and GO.

Product Website.
Ingredients from here.

I couldn’t find ingredients listed on the product site.
Who knows what Yoda has been putting in this stuff.

Thanks everyone for the concern…and the advice. I ended up going to the emergency room shortly after posting this OP and cutting out all the TMI stuff it was pretty unpleasant. It wasn’t an allergic reaction, and the doctor is still unsure what happened or what the cause was (they did a ton of blood work), but he said I was luck to have gone. I ended up staying the night for observation and am just getting home. He said it might have been some kind of contaminant or some other kind if irritant, but won’t know until the results come back.

Anyway, thanks for the advice everyone.


Glad you’re ok. Let us know what the results show, if you don’t mind.

I don’t mind…especially since it might help others to avoid buying this brand of chocolate in the future. It was pretty damn scary, to be honest…and painful as hell.


Wow, xtisme, glad you’re all right. You had me worried for a bit there when you just disappeared.

can I have the rest of the chocolate?