Having lots of low balance store cards does have a use.

I wanted a package of Dolly Madison Zingers and brought it up to the cashier. I had a card to use. Nobody is behind me.

Me: Just these.
Her: Do you have gas?
Me: No, just these.
Her: Do you want coffee.
Me: Just these.
Her: Soda?
Me: No.
Her: Juice?
Me: No.
Her: Milk?
Me: Just these.
Her: That’s $2.

I give her the store card I had out and tell her I don’t know what’s on it, one of my cards is empty. She uses it and says it must be a different card. I ask her to see what the amount on the other cards I had in the wallet were. She apparently likes repetition so should like doing this. Pay back bitch.

You shouldn’t do this if others are waiting in line.

By the way I never let the irritation show in my voice. She did use up my patience though. In about three more purchase suggestions I would have said something verbally to show my irritation, but then I would have missed this opportunity which was much better.:slight_smile:

Add in any other uses you have used them for other than to buy something.