Having nothing to pit Obama on, I give him kudos for his response to the pirates!

And his dog is cute, too. Yes, this is the quiet before the storm. :smiley:

I’ll credit him with letting the on-site commanders do their jobs with undue interference. The on-site commanders and the SEAL snipers did a good job of handling the situation. Sometimes effective leadership consists of staying out of the way of the experts.

Yes, the Navy personnel on the scene did the real hard work. I find it hard to believe that even George W. Bush would have done things significantly differently.

I give him kudos to his response too: nothing.
When it was occurring he received upwards of 18 updates on the situation, yet made not a single statement publically.
When it succeeded, he continued to remain behind the limelight. He did nothing but give the order and I think he appreciates what that means in the grand scheme of things.