having surgery friday what should i eat thursday nite so im not too hungry?

Like the title says. I’m having surgery Friday at 1 pm. I can eat up until 11 pm Thursday nite. Really worried that I won’t be able to eat until Friday nite. I’ve had surgeries before and the hunger pangs are just horrible. What can I eat Thursday nite to minimize the hunger pangs? Thanks in advance.

I always eat a lite dinner. Soup and crackers or a salad. I just don’t want a heavy meal before surgery. A snack a few minutes before your eating cut off time should help with hunger pains the next day. Cheese and crackers might be nice.

My mom is a CRNA (anesthetist) . She always dreaded car accident patients that had just eaten. They would throw up during surgery. Unpleasant for the operating team and also a major choking hazard that the anesthetist has to clear.

I’ve had a few surgeries, and honestly, the nerves of going in to surgery make it so I never felt hungry. I agree with **aceplace’s **suggestion to eat a lighter supper the night before rather than trying to fill up.

The worst thing you can do is stuff your face at 10:59. As others have said, have a light meal. Also, drink water if you’re allowed to.

I recommend cuttlefish and asparagus.

This annoys me: they say “not after midnight” regardless of WHEN your surgery is scheduled. If midnight (or 11 Pm in your case) is good enough for a 7 AM surgery, then 5 AM should be good enough for a 1 PM surgery. Not that you’d get up at 5 AM to eat (or maybe you would if permitted).

Typo Knig had surgery in the afternoon once, and they were delayed. He didn’t go in until 4 PM. Basically 24 hours without food when all was said and done, for no good reason. When they were scheduling my gallbladder surgery, they offered me an afternoon slot and I said no way, I’ll wait a couple more weeks and go for an early morning one.

I guess they can’t be bothered with telling people “not within 8 hours” or whatever (or figure people will screw that up).

OK, rant off: I’d suggest something with a bit of protein in it, that might last longer than pure carbs. Yeah, nothing too huge, or indigestible.

Also ask how long beforehand you may still drink water. For my gallbladder surgery, scheduled for (say) 9 AM, I was told I could drink water up til 6:30 AM. If you get guidance like that, it might help you feel better.

Also, sleep as late as you possibly can that day - the less time you’re awake, the less time you’ll have to be hungry.

A good amount of protein and veggies. Keep sugars and simple carbs to a minimum.

Wish I’d seen this a week ago; I had surgery this Friday.

Well, how’d it turn out? I hope pretty good since you’re posting. :slight_smile:

And I agree about a light meal that includes some protein. What surprises me is the being ravenous afterward. I’m usually sick as a dog and barfing.

I’m fine, just a minor procedure. Not really even surgery, my gynecologist said she usually does it in her office, but since I’m so overly sensitive to pain it would be better if I was under anesthesia. Hopefully it will work out okay.

How was the cuttlefish?

I always think more in terms of “What will my body be needing in order to heal well?”

Usually this ends up with a large serving of salmon, for protein and oil, a good sized serving of veggies and whole grain porridge. I also take a multi-vitamin and iron supplements for a week beforehand if possible. If abdominal surgery, best to actually stop the iron 2 days before to prevent any . . . errrrrr . . . need to push against the stiches. Likewise, if the surgery won’t affect your kidneys then a little more salt and water the night before can help prevent dehydration. I don’t mean take a salt pill, just indulge a bit with the shaker, and drink an extra cup or two of water.

Moderation, as always, but these little nudges can help stave off headache and provide building materials.