HAW Haw!

So I posted a while ago about my girlfriend breaking up with me. She was a total bitch about it and it was rather ugly.

I am pretty much over it now. I still think of her from time to time but it is now ‘What a bitch’.

So yesterday I got an request on LinkedIn from one of my vendors. I went to accept and post a comment about the guy. When I got there I saw that my Ex was still linked to my account. So I went to look.

The HAW Haw* part comes in because she worked out of our house. She had her own business in graphic design. Not anymore apparently. Her business died and she had to go get a job working for someone else. HAW Haw.

She hates working for someone else. I mean, she can’t stand it.

It is rather petty of me to be happy that her business died, but damn it, it makes me happy anyway.


*Channeling Nelson Muntz

Yeah, I removed her from my Linked In account.