Hawaiian Dopers?

So still no Big Island bruddahs? I feel so. . . rural. So. . . papaya farm. So . . . lava field. . .

LolaBaby, Waipio, as in Waipio Gentry? ‘Cuz das’ whea I stay. :smiley:

I was born in Honolulu, and raised in Liliha and Waipahu. I went to McKinley, and then pretended to study at UH.

Nightsong, where are you living now? There’s Starbuckses all over the place. At Ward Center, the block with the theaters (and Dave & Buster’s and Buca di Beppo) has a Starbucks. And in case you missed that one, the very next block over has one, too. It’s scary.

Honolulu Coffee Co.'s so much better.

And hey, if you guys plan a Dopefest, have a good time. As for me and KKB, we’ll very likely be back to visit as often as work and finances permit. Let’s get together during a Christmas break or something. :slight_smile:

AudreyK, yeah, Waipio Gentry…someweah neah da Foodland. Maybe you live right next to me! HAHAHA :eek:

Psst…I hang out at Nancy’s sometimes.

Ok, I’ll stop the pidgin.

I pretended to study at UH too. All I did was watch the baseball games from the high-rise apartments above the field.

Hey Lola,
From Honolulu here (living), and Pearl City (raised). Went to PCHS. And no I wasn’t in band…

bytheway, when did you grad? I have a few cousins that went to Moanalua and grad. '80 and '91.

AudreyK lives about 5 minutes from the Foodland. By foot. I’m really curious how close you two live to each other now…

You know, for months now, I was wondering if there were any good Hawaii based message boards. Know of any?

If not, I might be forced to make one…

Oh, and AudreyK and I both went to McKinley.

Holy cow! :eek: You live very, very close to me. I live in the townhouses across the field from Foodland. Outback Steakhouse’s front door roughly faces my front door.

Whoda thunk there’d be another Doper so close by? :slight_smile:

: previews :
Hey! KK, when’d you sneak that post past me?

That post? Ha! I got two. :slight_smile:

And I’d do it, too. In case anybody thought I was bluffing. :wink:

Ewa Here

Kailua for Starbucks… thats on the otherside of the world.:wink:

What about hooking up before AudreyK/family leave for the main land.

HInt hint hint

Elephant Castle in Pearl City is a mellow, decent place to meet.



I swear I must walk past your house every Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, that’s when I have my “night out” and I go meet pals at Nancy’s. It takes me 7 minutes to get there…used to be 2 minutes until they built that stupid wall, thus making me walk *all the way around. *

sandalwood, I grad '86 (psst, smart way of asking a woman her age :wink: )

KK the only local boards I know is mine, and the local kiddies’ race car boards. Have a gander at my place if you like, the link in my sig…it’s a senseless, time wasting board. Nothing cerebral. :smiley:

I’d love Elephant and Castle. My sister manages the Stuart Anderson’s acrosss the street too, we could go there.

Just to clarify, only me and KK are moving. Our folks are staying here.

Yeah, I’m starting to dislike that stupid wall. Before, I thought it was great, as it kept my neighbor’s teenage kids from drunken frolicking in the field, but now they drink outside our yard. :mad:

Anyway, if you wander past and see a twenty-something Japanese chick with glasses, it just might be me. Say hi. :smiley:

I’m not sure we’ll have time to meet with you guys. We leave in about 10 days and we’ve still got packing to do. Plus we want beach time and time with family and friends. How’s about we let you guys know if we have time? It’d be good fun meeting you all.

Should it be called LocoDope? I’ve always been jealous of those dopers with coolr names and acronyms, like BAD and … well I can’t recall any others.

I’m a TheBus guy though. So that’s a little far. Guess I could get there though.

I started to go off-topic, but I decided to start another thread instead. Would you Hawaiians please go here and tell me about living there?


AurdeyK: Ward Center has one also? My god, they really are taking over! (Last time I was in Hawai’i was 1995.) Currently, I’m over in Memphis. (With stops in four other cities before I got here.)

Geeze. I really should see about making a trip back, see how things have changed. I can sigh about when the first K-Mart opened up, when Costco arrived on the scenes, having fun chatting with the owners of the Book Rack at the Statium Shopping Center, stopping by Andy’s for a slushie after school, going to the Tasty Broiler, going to the Big Mele, Kua Aina burger pre-fire, Bueno Nalo, that good Thai place with the tapoica-coconut milkpudding…

Errr. Okay, okay, so the things I tend to remember about Hawai’i are centered around the food. :smiley: (It’s the same with every other place I’ve lived: it’s the food I remember.)

<< Down on Hotel Street late one day, I saw a little girl and thought I had it made. Imagine my surprise when she said, “Hi, I’m Bruce.” And that’s when I decided that I’d just hang loose! >>

And the Jellys are now Cheapos, ugh, I hate that name. All the fun went out of shopping there.

Um, hate to break it to you, but Ward actually has two now. :eek:

And Jellys is Cheapos? And two at Ward? How in earth are they managing to stay open? Luring in the hordes of Japanese tourists?

The entire State of Hawai’i is blacksliding into… into… errr… something! I must move back and save it! Quick, someone wire me lots and lots of tax-free money so that I can move back and live in the way in which I wish to become accustomed to! :smiley:

[sub]Well, it was worth a shot…[/sub]

At least Kua Aina burger is still alive and kicking, yes? Please? hopefull look

<< Well behaved women don’t make history. >>

Back, black, I can spell. Really. :rolleyes: See what education does to you!

Osiris: I’m all up for a LocoDope! I don’t mind making it convenient for everyone, as I got wheels. And I didn’t know Jelly’s changed their name…see how much I get out of the house. :rolleyes:

Nightsong Kua Aina what? :confused:

AudreyK: looks like my night out this week is going to be different…look for a short Japanese woman yelling “AudreyK!!!” as she passes The Wall possibly on Friday. :smiley: