Hawaiian Dopers?

I’ve only seen one so far, is this weird? It seems that every message board I am a member at, I seem to be one of two or three people from Hawaii. :confused:

We’ve got a few. I’m in Waikiki.

You’re the only one I’ve seen so far. :\

Waipio, here.

AudreyK might still be here but she’s moving to the mainland. There’s another 2000+ poster who’s from here, waiting for the post.

Hawaii is a group of islands. So, you can search by each island & see who is here.
There are a lot of posters from Hawaii, I think I even saw a doper getogether but
I don’t know which island they choose.

I thought flying to Maui would be a lot faster from LA cause they always put it
near LA on the maps I see. Of course, its no where near there.

I am a kama’aina, born in Honolulu about 35 and a half years ago, but sadly, I have only been back once so far.

Really, UncleBill? Neat. :slight_smile:

I’m in Waipahu; KKBattousai’s in Honolulu. And yeah, we’ll be leaving for the mainland in a couple of weeks.

Let’s see. There’s also DKW, HubZilla, and sandalwood. There are a lot of former residents, such as panzerpanzerman, Fiver… um… heck, it’s 6am and I haven’t slept so my brain isn’t working right. But there are more of us that you think.

Another former resident checking in, born and raised in Honolulu.

AudreyK, sorry you’re leaving us, before I got to know any of you.

You must live fairly close to me.

Lots of former people around! Cool.

waves shaka sign :smiley:

I’m a local, born and raised in Honolulu. Currently living in Kailua, soon to be moving to Kaimuki.

I lived near Pahoa (Puna) for 6 years when I was a teen but now am mainland haole. We should have a pidgin thread.

So what, den? You tink we should make one, li’ dat? :smiley:

ack! I may have gone to Kaimuki (where’d you guys go to HS?) but I was still in the French clue and in AP Calculus and AP Physics. I’m a jungle boy not a beach boy and pidgin has never been my strongsuit.

I never speak in Pidgin on any of the BBS I frequent, but hey…capybara suggested it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to Aiea HS and had only AP English. I was (and still am) pathetic in any Math. Kaimuki, eh? I know a few people from there, graduated in the mid-80s.

I actually lived in Aiea and took the long freaking commute to Kaimuki everyday. I went there cause I had previously lived in Waikiki and went to Washington JHS. I should have gone to Aiea.

We lived a mile up Kaonohi St.

Hey, you know Aritta?

Sorry, like Osiris I am pidgin impaired. I can speak it when I’m talking with people with strong pidgin accents, but normally I speak relatively proper English. When I went away to college on the mainland, I had to politely turn down a few requests to speak pidgin from people who wanted to hear what it was like. I can’t say something that sounds authentically “pidgin” if noone else is speaking like that.

Strange, but other people from Hawaii could still tell I was from Hawaii, even when I wasn’t wearing any obvious clues (like slippers, an HIC T-shirt, etc.). Maybe the way I talk, or the inflection…

By the way, I went to Moanalua.

Arita…I don’t think I had him for a teacher(?), but the name rings a bell. I used to live right above the high school.

My dad used to substitute teach at Washington JHS. Maybe he had you as a student, Osiris. :smiley:

bytheway, I’ve had people in the UK tell me I was from Hawaii, when I visited there. it’s strange…

So do you have these Doper-get-togethers here? At Restaurant Row? Monterey’s?

She’s a basketball player. Helped Aira win the last State Championship. Her family and ours are good friends.

ooh, the trades are back, mmmmmm.

Oops. :o Sorry, there may have been an Arita either in HS or Intermediate. I do remember that name, somehow.

Arita…her coach Francine was a year younger than me and she’s married to my classmate. (If she’s still coaching, that is).

'Nuther (former) kama’aina checking in… Is it true what I’ve heard? That there is a GASP Starbucks in Kailua?!?

Oh, and…

Go 'Stangs! :smiley: (Yea, yea, so we have the ugliest school colors around…)

The Parental Units still own a home there: Coconut Grove area of Kailua. (Well, the edge of it. Stones throw from swamp.)

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