Hawai'ian folksong stuck in my head.

Called “Pula na manu” maybe?
We learned it when I was in second grade at Hilo Union. It was something like—

  • “Pula na manu e kalu’a lana ei’i e, kele kele kele haunale’e”*
    Sorry for the horrible spelling. As it was the late 1970’s, we also learned “Ulili E”. Sadly, I don’t think the Beamers recorded this one.


Doesn’t ring a bell (went to school a tad south east of you where we sang Ka leo o ka manu a whole lot. . .). Isn’t kelekele mud?

Also doesn’t ring a bell for me. I went to elementary school on Oahu in the early '80s, and we sang Hawaii Pono’i.

Poi Dog Pondering had a song called Te Manu Pukarua. It doesn’t seem to match your lyrics very well, but at least it’s got the “manu”.