Hawking radiation

On another board I was giving a simplified explanation of what Hawking Radiation was. I can see the threadsteering towards the quantitative aspects, and want to be ready for that.

Can the resident cosmologists here mathematically describe the relationship between a singularity’s mass and it’s event horizon’s surface area?

Also, given the mass and surface area, how much energy and/or mass is radiated as hawking radiation.


Gee, you’d think Wiki might have an article on black holes.

They do.

You can go to wiki’s Hawking radiation page for your other formula.

The reason I was asking here was I needed to put the quantities in some human perspective: Mass=earth and Sr=9mm is exactly what I was looking for.

No sarcasm intended but I must be missing something. Why couldn’t you just do the math yourself once you had the formula? It’s extremely straightforward. Both G and the mass of the earth are one click away on Google. It’s a question I wonder about a lot of threads on physics here. I mean, I’m no whiz but I once got the basic formulas for relativistic light travel (they involve hyperbolic functions) and I set up a spreadsheet so that I could pop in any number and get any time, speed, or distance calculation. This is just multiplication. It really helps to do the math yourself. You get a much better feel for what the numbers mean by running several examples through the equations than you will by just reading what somebody else calculated.

I’ve always been kinda weak in the math department… :o