Hazards of Deleting "Hotfix Uninstallers" From PC Using CrapCleaner Program

I’ve been pleased with the performance of CrapCleaner (current version 1.30.310), as it consistently removes mebabytes of junk from my PC and helps things run faster.

One setting I didn’t have activated is the option to delete “Hotfix Uninstallers.” I today activated this option, clicked the general “clean” button and CC began logging more than 150 megs of stuff it wanted to delete from the Hotfix Uninstallers. Concerned, I stopped the program.

What are hotfix uninstallers?

Hotfixes are Windows updates. The uninstallers let you remove them if you find that they’re causing you problems.

They’re safe to delete.

They’re uninstall apps to remove Microsoft’s updates. Most of them will be named along the lines of KB12345678 - you can plug that KB number into Microsoft’s Knowledge Base to see what the particular patch addressed.

Or, just delete them. They’re useful in the couple of days after installing a patch, in case the patch does more harm than good, and are safe to delete once you’re fairly sure the patch went OK.

Only 150 meg of them on your PC? :smiley: