HBO Go ... Good stuff on it

Anyone check out this new app/website?

has every season of The Wire, Six Feet Under, Big Love, Rome, Curb, etc.

Nice. Feels in a missing whole from Nextflix

Just got this last night for the iPad and was quite impressed. Though I’d love to see some of the much older series made available at some point. I’m looking at you, “1st and Ten!”

I signed up but I can no longer log in. It keeps making me go through the initial registration process, but then errors out at the step where you put in your email address, telling me that email address is already used. duh, of course it is, I used it to sign up initially!

I’m bummed, cuz it looks cool, but I just can’t get in anymore. :frowning:

I noticed in the app store that people were having trouble works perfect for me

You need to have HBO to use it, right? Because if I had HBO, I wouldn’t need it. :slight_smile: