HBO miniseries "John Adams"

Just watched it this past weekend. I loved the detail and acting, but felt that the series was rushed; almost glossed over a bit. I wish it could have been made twice as long.

I have a question about accents. Both George Washington (played brilliantly by David Morse) and Ben Franklin seemed to have a hint of a Scotch like accent. Did others note this? Any descriptions of their accents?

Also, when will there ever be a good film on George Washington? I would love to see Morse return to the role in a film that centers on Washington.

Doesn’t the TV miniseries George Washington count?

I enjoyed The Crossing with Jeff Daniels as Washington.

He’ll kick you apart!

Apparently Washington was a Prince fan.

I remember seeing that a couple of years ago. It’s still awesome. :smiley:

I especially like the Youtube commenter in there complaining about the lack of education in the video.

ETA: And really, “He’ll kick you apart!”, what else do we need to know?

I LOVE that video!

Also, I wrote the OP to focus on the accent question, then thought to myself that I can’t recall a good film on Washington and assumed that I had searched previously. :smack:
Thanks to CalMeacham and wedgehed for suggesting those two. I’ll have to see about getting my hands on them.

But really, a film with Morse as Washington would be incredible!