HBO's "K Street"-- anyone watching?

For those unclear of K Street’s concept (as I was until I checked out

I missed episode 1, but caught most of last night’s episode.

I’m a political junkie, so I when I heard about this show, I thought it would be right up my alley. I thought it was going to be actual footage of lobbyists and political consultants in Washington doing their thing.

But then I’m watching it, and I’m thinking, "Hey! Wasn’t this guy on ‘Ed?’ "

And then one of the female characters awkwardly confronts an associate at a sidewalk cafe, and tells her to “Fuck off.”

So then I realized it was fiction. Sort of a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for politicos.

Anyway, I’m not really sure yet if I’m going to like this show. It’s sort of a “mockumentary,” which I typically like as a genre, but to me this show was a little confusing. I wish they’d put the names of the characters and RL people on the bottom of the screen as they enter a scene so we know who they are (like in a real documentary). But maybe I’m just slow, or am not really used to the concept yet.

Any other thoughts?


As a DC local, I enjoyed the “Oh, I know that place” and “Oh, I love that restaurant” but the show itself is as dull as a high school trigonometry class.

I thought it was the most godawful half-hour of rubbish I’ve ever seen on TV. Worse than Manos: The Hands of Fate.

And that “Different Color Filters for Different Scenes” pseudo-style crap is really wearing thin. It worked, more or less, in Traffic, but it really fails here.