HDMI and DVI Cable Length Question

I posted this in a thread of mine but title of it was about something else so i added on to and wanted to create a thread specifically for it.
I will be buying both an hdmi and a hdmi to Dvi Cable. I will be mainly using my new laptop sager that only has hdmi and miniport and doesn’t have vga or dvi port like my old computer. However i might use the sager laptop with my old dell 2007fp monitor which only has dvi and vga and it doesn’t have an hdmi cable. So because of this, i would need the hdmi to dvi cable no matter what if i want to use this old monitor with the new sager laptop. Then with the new monitor, use either hdmi cable to it if new monitor works with hdmi or use the hdmi to dvi cable if it doesn’t have an hdmi cable like this old dell monitor.

  1. Since the laptop connected to the monitor is going to be pretty close, is a 6 feet cable going to be good enough or it might be too short? Or should i get a 10 feet cable? I will be getting 2 cables so just wondering if i should get a little longer one as 10 feet as oppose to 6 feet or should 6 feet be more than enough. The thing is my sager laptop will be connected to the monitor and it should be pretty close. Then i will connect a keyboard to my sager laptop and that would be my keyboard.
  2. Is there a reason ppl need really long hdmi or hdmi to dvi cables or dvi cables in general? The thing is if its for laptop to monitor it seems like short cable is good but why do ppl want long cable? Is it b/c the laptop is going to be far from the tv such as they want to have the laptop with them while sitting in their sofa or bed whereas the tv is like 8 feet from them and they want a 10 feet or 15 feet cable? Im curious do ppl who connect laptop to their TVs… do majority of them keep the laptop very close to the tv or its pretty far away? What i dont get is if someone has a really long hdmi or dvi or hdmi to dvi cable… isn’t that not good b/c the cable will be going through the room they are in and thus through the floor and someone can’t really walk across the room without having to go over it if that makes sense?
  3. Better buy from walmart as oppose to ebay right? Price will be a bit more on walmart but not too much.
  1. If you’re not sure how long you need the cable to be, you should measure the distance between where you want the laptop and where you want the monitor (you will want some slack for safety and to make it easier to install). I suspect that 6 feet is more than long enough for most applications.

  2. Longer cables exist for when there is a larger distance between the content source and the display.

For example, we have a projection tv at home where the tv tuner is at the front of the room and the projector is on the ceiling near the back. When account for the fact that the cable needs to go up the wall and through the ceiling to the projector, a 20’ HDMI cable doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

Cables should be placed so that they aren’t a safety hazard (to people or the equipment). In our case, that meant hiring someone to run the cables inside the wall.

I have a 50’ HDMI cable running from my AV receiver in a cabinet beside my couch, down through the floor, across my living room, back up through the wall and out behind the TV, it’s 10’ longer than I needed but didn’t want to risk it being too short.

When I hook up my laptop, which is pretty rarely, I have a 6’ cable to attach it to my AV receiver, but there are days where a longer cord would be better. Most days, Wi-Di would be the better choice but my older plasma TV doesn’t support it. It also doesn’t support HDMI pass through so I need to connect my inputs to the receiver if I want surround sound.

The best buy in terms of price/quality will invariably be at monoprice.com

There are DVI to HDMI adapters for a couple of bucks. If you are mostly using the HDMI-HDMI, go with that cable and then put on the adapter when necessary.

In residential usage, the 50’ cables are usually for home theater. Much longer cables are often required for professional use, with active repeaters or twisted pair technology or such.

Okay im bit confused yet again. The HDMI to DVI cable… are there different types? Thus a hdmi to dvi cable like the link i posted but theres also a hdmi to dvi ADAPTER? Or are the cable and adapter the same thing?

Long HDMI (and, I expect DVI) cables can cause problems. You don’t really want to use that is much longer than you need to reach where you want it to go (although you don’t want it stretched tight, either). FordPrefect had been lucky, I think. (Also, of course, extra length costs money.)

What link you posted?

Speaking of links, just get this and this, but at those prices, you might as well get a spare HDMI cable of whatever length you prefer.