HDTV - makes regular tv look terrible

I’m still happily watching my Sony bought in 1995. Gasp, with a CRT. I do however watch some hi def 720p content on my computer. I have even seen 1024p content, but the mkv files are just huge. David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet is a show worth seeing in 1024p. Stunning images in that show.

It’s interesting to read about the difficulties of HDTV. The at home experience often doesn’t live up to what you see in the store. I know a lot of it is just growing pains as we transition to hi def. It will get better eventually.


What do you mean by “regular” TV? Just curious.

The standard boring stuff like Soaps, News Casts, some prime time tv. The stuff they churn out for the masses. Mostly actors standing around delivering lines of dialogue. Little movement, basic sets, and mostly shot on a sound stage.

David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet is an example of content produced specifically for hi def. The cinematography took total advantage of hi def’s capabilities.

Sports always make hi def look impressive because of the fast action. TV’s at Best Buy are often tuned to sports.

IMO the motion interpolation feature is OK for sports or other live-action stuff, but should absolutely be turned off for anything that was shot on film.

Interesting info! I know Mr.Tao would like a newer television. We have HD channels, but I can’t tell the difference at ALL. However, I have vision issues that even the optometrists argue about, so I’m assuming that’s just me.

FYI, [del]1024p[/del] = 1080p (or interlaced 1080 = 1080i)

I actually really LIKE the motion interpolation for everything, including HD Bluray films. But a lot of my friends don’t care for the effect. YMMV.

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I think part of the problem is the tv studios just don’t have the time for high def cinematography. They are cranking out shows every week, and using standing sets over and over again. Sometimes redressing them to substitute as another location. i.e. a dining room gets redressed as a bad guys office. Costumes are another issue. They only have a few days to design and make those costumes (dresses). They looked ok on a standard tv. HD reveals just how quickly they were thrown together.

Switching out the cameras and editing equipment is only half the job. The hard part is producing content worth watching in HD. Go out on location and shoot in the Grand Canyon. Spend weeks shooting when the light is perfect. Now you have something worth watching in HD. You’ve also spent a small fortune doing it. That kind of shooting schedule is impossible for a weekly tv show.

HD shines for sports and television content with very carefully planned cinematography. If I’m watching Castle and for example, there’s a shot of Beckett and Castle talking. HD doesn’t really matter imho. A talking head looks just as good on my 1995 Sony. yymv I’m sure kids that grow up watching HD would be jolted by a vintage 1995 Sony. :wink:

I’ve noticed how often regular shows include a shot that’s horribly out of focus. You used to not detect things like that, but now it’s painfully obvious.

Also, what’s with NCIS’s awful soft focus? Horribly distracting.