He dancin' crazy!

Dancin’ round the world!

One thing I was confused about, though.

Westport, Connecticut? The fuck?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Oh man. I needed that.

Thank you, bouv. Thank you.

(Ain’t it amazing how, no matter where you go, white guys canNOT dance?)

On second viewing:
That was awesome.

Young Matt is clearly an Enlightened Master.

Damn grapefruit juice-keyboard interraction, and it working out poorly for said keyboard!

Man that was great. To answer the OPs confusion, I have a feeling that’s his house - his webpage: www.wherethehellismatt.com says he’s from Connecticut.

But that totally rocked. I think I’m going to have think of some stupid thing to do in every country that I visit so I can have my own little montage (mine won’t go up on the web, though, thank you). My favorite? The scared as hell giraffe. Brilliantly funny.


That guy is my new hero. :cool:

Mine too. I wonder if that dancing would scare away other mods.

[QUOTE=Hung Mung(Ain’t it amazing how, no matter where you go, white guys canNOT dance?)[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly–such klutzes . . .

Okay, that guy deserves about a thousand high-grade cool points for this.

My favorite part: Impenetrable Forest, Uganda :smiley: .

That. Was. Awesome.
It’s just like Nietzsche said: “And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” :slight_smile:

He spent some time backtracking, no? Or maybe he can’t edit for beans or is unclear as to geography? Heh.

At first I found his dancing atrocious, but then it kinda grew on me.
Oh, to have the money and time to do such as he…
I really like the music–anyone know what it is?

I do! I do! But I can’t tell you right now.

It’s on my daughter’s lullaby CD (well, that song without the dance beat in the background is). She’s listened to that song every night practically since she was born – sometimes more than once if she’s having trouble falling asleep. Unfortunately, she’s asleep right now so I can’t go check. I’ll post tomorrow, if no one’s beat me to it.

Of course, from now on, every night I’ll see that goofy guy in my head when I hear that song. :smack:

Wait! As soon as I posted, I remembered. It’s Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest (but not the Ambient Mix, which is the mix we have).

That part also confused me. I mean…the forest is impenetrable, right? :confused:

I think it was the music. Thanks for telling us who it is . . . I’m off to Amazon.com to buy it. Back soon!

What is that lilting Asian music the video is set to? It’s also in Komodo.

Oh thanks!


On preview: too late. :smack:

I’m reminded of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Once More With Feeling:

Man…I bookmarked that video, every time I get depressed I’m gonna watch it, that just made me smile from ear to ear.

There’s got to be worse goals in life than going around the world and dancing like a goofy bastard. :slight_smile: