He (or she) is alive...........

Real simple. Think of a celebrity who you think is dead, check, find out they’re not. Post name here.

Ray Stevens.

Not Abe Vigoda :frowning:

He is not just merely dead…

Gordon’s Alive?

Paul is dead.
Oops, he’s alive for real and over 64.

I hadn’t heard about Sophia Loren in forever, so I checked. She’s still alive, at the age of 84.

Kirk Douglas is still hanging in there at 101. Just last night, we saw him in something, and I mentioned that I thought he was still alive.

Doris Day is still alive at 96.

So’s Carol Channing at 97.

That surprised me.

I’m aware (and very grateful) that Mel Brooks is still alive. I saw him in person on stage just a couple of years ago and he was still great!!

Olivia de Havilland is still alive. 102yo.

Yes. A certain doper has a connection with Ms. de Havilland.

So, I was having brunch with Olivia de Havilland in Paris last week . . .

Sadly, Eve has been absent a while.

Oh well, who wants to live forever? DIVE!!!

That is a very cool thread. And just think I met ‘Bozo’ the clown and didn’t run away in fear. Clowns=Creeps!

Following the instructions, checking people who I think are dead. Turns out . . . well, yes, they’re dead. Real simple, indeed. I could do this all day.

Every year I think I’ve heard that James Earl Jones is dead. Nope. When he does, I probably won’t believe it.

Ann Jillian. In fact she did die. She’s my most solid “glitch in the matrix” proof. (I hate the term Mandela Effect )

She did her own show and Mr. Mom and then she got breast cancer and she died.

I really hope Lucas film has done what they can (Im sure they havent) to record quite a bit of dialogue from him to make a Vader film, or a really good new video game.


For certain values of celebrity, admittedly.

Beverly Cleary still around at 102. I read her books in elementary school.

Newton Minow.

Dick Van Dyke, still kicking at 92-93.

That makes me happy!