He stood me up!

Every day a message waits for me on my answering machine at home. “Hello, we are trying to reach you today. It is important that you return our call. Please call us at 1-866…” I get that call every weekday morning, and occasionally on a weekend. I’ve been getting these calls for about two months now. The recorded message never says what company is calling, or why “it is important that” I return their call. I called once from a pay phone (so they couldn’t get my phone number on caller ID and think I was actually interested in their product) just to see who was being so persistent. They wanted me to hold for the first available representative, so I hung up. I listen to that voice every single day when I get home from work.

Today, the friendly voice wasn’t there. He stood me up.


You know, the thread title promised a much more interesting thread than was actually delivered. I’ll be expecting a full refund.

Do you have your receipt?

I hate to break it to you, but he’s cheating on you. He’s been calling me “regarding an important business matter” for months and months. I’m sorry to have to break your heart like that, but he’s mine, sister!

I have a receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt all you can get is store credit…

What should I exchange for? In terms of value, I would expect I could only get about 10% of a juicy relationship thread, maybe half of a poll in IMHO, 600 political sniping threads in the Pit, or all of Great Debates (with enough change left over for a few hundred political sniping Pit threads).

Poor General Questions, nobody ever thinks about it. It needs a good maketing stategy is all.

Don’t anybody faint, I’m gonna address the OP. If it’s what happened to me, it’s a collection agency after someone who had your phone number previously. You will not be able to stop them until you do talk to a person. On the bright side, once I did get a live person, the calls stopped that day.

Now do I get a free rant in the Pit? Redeemable later; one can’t squeeze another rant in there edgewise right now.

You beat me to it but I agree that that’s what’s going on. My cell phone number’s last owner was a fucking deadbeat and I got calls for months from various places. Once you explain that the number no longer belongs to them, you won’t get any more calls from that particular place.

Those beat the hell out of the calls I got from his friends though.

Friend: DAWG!!!
Haj: Huh?
F: Dude, I am so fucking wasted
H: Jason doesn’t have this number anymore
F: Tell him to call Jim, dude
H: I don’t know him. I just got his number.
F: Where did he go?
H: That’s what I’d like to know. If you find him tell him to call me.
F: What’s your number?
H: Never mind click


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Does he want you to call “Mrs. Two” also? :eek:
He promises it’s not a sales call… :dubious:

But, but…they never believe me. :frowning:
Maybe I need to come up with a new fake name. :smiley:

My favorite thing is when they call you because they are looking for one of your neighbors. :rolleyes:
For some reason they never believe I don’t associate with my neighbors either.

That, that, multiple-timing cad! Since he’s calling me too (and I’m sure many, many others out there who are desolate, lonely and… wait, that’s probably just me – so anyway), is this guy trying to start a harem? Looking for his own version of lotsa virgins to take to heaven?? What?

And if so on that last part, he needs to be huntin’ somewhere else. :stuck_out_tongue: 'Cause this girl ain’t it. Or at least hasn’t been for a while.