He was here!! Well, not right here but...

Cecil was back!!!

Look at this thread over in Comments on Cecil’s Columns!!

For once, I am not days late on something!!

Whoo hoo!

Go me! Go me! Go me!


At this point, any acknowledgment from Him would be appreciated, even if it’s not to welcome me.

What I wouldn’t give for Cecil to tell me to kiss his ass . . .

Well, if it helps at all, you can kiss my ass!

Is this an ass-kissing contest?

Crunchy, dear, having followed your posts in pursuit of acknowledgement from above, I can’t help but wonder at your need for acceptance and recognition and love. While I have neither status nor power nor a whole buncha knowledge, I will not invite you to kiss my ass, but feel free to grovel at my feet. I’m not opposed to rewarding gratuitous sucking up.

Not that I expect you to care what I think…

Awww, thanks evilbeth. You’re so sweet.

puckers up

Now if you’ll be so kind as to bend over for me . . .

Sorry FairyChatMom, no offense, but gratuitous sucking up is reserved solely for the Master. If I was to suck up and grovel at everyone’s feet, then it wouldn’t be so special when I prostrate myself in front of Cecil, he would just view me as a pathetic needy attention-grabbing whore and while I may be all those things, I don’t want him to see proof of it. :wink:

Wow, evilbeth! Can I touch your…

Umm, probably not. Forget that I asked.

Hey, asking never hurt anyone! Ask! Ask!

Wow - I think I may be feeling just a little bit of respect for you… how odd…


Damnit! This thread is too important to be slipping down the page like this! Let’s get those replies in, people!

I’ve tried to get Cecil to welcome me too, looks like aha has been the only successful person to do so. I suppose kissing ass is the key. :wink:

Thanks for the link Evilbeth. I’ve emailed Cecil an explanation of the term “Street El” (obscure plumbing term). We’ll see if he emails me or contributes to my thread.

How’s things going with Skummet? I’m glad he has someone like you helping out.

Well, last I heard he was thinking it was going to be difficult if not impossible to move to the states because of visa problems and the like. However, as far as I know he is still looking into it and is coming to visit his girl in late October (I think!) I hope he can get it worked out. Although his girl doesn’t like this area, it’s really not that all that bad. (Don’t get me wrong–it’s bad enough but I can think of worse places to live. Iraq, for one.) I’m hoping to maybe get to meet him when he comes for a visit.

Hoo-ha really had to work to get his welcome. Crunchy you must be so jealous of Coldfire. link to Cecil saying “hello” to Coldie

Hmmm…it worked for Jezebel so maybe if I ::November fourth:: just somehow ::November fourth:: manage to let ::November fourth:: Cecil know ::November fourth:: when my birthday ::November fourth:: is, he would ::November fourth:: be so kind as to ::November fourth:: wish me a happy birthday ::November fourth:: when it is time ::November fourth:: !!

I can’t believe Cecil replied to that pompous KaseKopf! Is there no justice in this world? That’s it Cecil Adams…no postcard from DubDope for you! :stuck_out_tongue: