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Does anyone have much experience with the treatment of severe migraine?
A friend of mine has seen a neurologist who has ruled out any serious physical cause for her severe migraine type pain. In the meantime, while they try to discover triggers/allergies/other causes, which migraine medications have proved effective for the TM’s ? I never realised before how much these episodes affect people, it seems crippling.
She tried Zomig (Zolmitriptan) which had no effect.

I gett eh occasional Migraine when I depriove myself of sleep. I’ve heard it is caused by a constriction of the muscles in theback of neck which causes a cnstriction of blood vessels and therefore oxygen to the brain. I usually just take some robaxacet (back muscle relaxant) and hit the hay.

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If you need a graphic solution, http:\ alk.to\Piglet

Although we don’t know the exact reason for these painful episodes, we think we’ve ruled out most of the ‘likely’ causes.