Head Lice

Breaking into the posting with something we’ve all had in common at some time or another!

But have you ever had them? When did you get rid of them? How did you get rid of them?..

(she says, whilst combing the kids hair with a very fine tooth comb and some eucalyptus oil…

:rolleyes: <whistle >

Ever since I started washing my daughter’s hair with tea-tree oil shampoo she’s been nit-free. It would have to be real tea-tree oil though, not a substitute.

God they are horrible though.

When my kid was in day care, she came home with headlice. I’ve not had them myself, but I know she was miserable until we figured out what the problem was. Fortunately, the over-the-counter stuff took care of it, and she never got them again.

Never had them, or even seen them in person, but I remember one girl in grade school had to go home because of them. I’ve heard that some schools have terrible trouble with them and the lice were getting more difficult to treat. It’s got to be awful getting them out of a house that’s been infested.

Isn’t it ironic that some people believe it only happens to ‘dirty’ people but lice actually prefer a nice clean head?

Oddly, I never had any.
But then, I often wash my hair 4 nights a week, sometimes with Ivory bar soap.

My 6 yr old was crawling with the things yesterday. Yes, a bit gross but I think I’m over the ‘recoil in revulsion’ thing. Once you’ve dealt with them, there is a certain pleasure in crushing the little beasties between your fingernails.

:smiley: :eek: :smiley:

They’d love your hair then, Bosda!!!
They love the squeeky clean stuff,

I got three adults out this morning and a few young uns … Unfortunately it makes you paranoid and you feel an itch even just thinking about them … there’s probably nothing there but … scratch scratch … do you feel them?
Do ya?


I had them when I was a little kid, got them in Kindergarten.

I mostly remember holding my eyes squeezed shut while I got my head medicated because my mom had said that the shampoo would burn out my eyes.

My daughter has had them several times and the medicated shampoos just don’t work - not the ones available OTC in the UK, anyway.

We found the Robicomb quite effective - only works on straight hair, but very good for a post-school once-over, to catch any lice that may have been acquired that day.

For actual infestations, we used tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner; make sure you can get a comb through the hair, then wash it and apply about three times as much conditioner as seems reasonable (really slap it on). Leave for a few moments, then comb through thoroughly, root to tip with a fine-tooth nit comb - rinse the comb in a separate bowl of water after each stroke. You may not remove all the nits in one session like this, but repeat the process every three days and you’ll eventually win by simple attrition.

I didn’t have any tea tree oil or eucalyptus last night, so I used a drop of Olbas Oil!!! Leaves your head feeling really fresh but it kills the little b*stards on contact too. got a Nit comb … the robi one is the electrified one, yes?

The little buggers don’t like vinegar either. I went to one of those schools where they were constantly a problem. I’ve rinsed my hair with vinegar once a week for as long as I can remember. Never had 'em, 'cause they just don’t like the smell (you can’t smell it). It’s also good for getting rid of residue (shampoo, hairspray and the like) because it basically strips your hair. I shampoo, rinse with water, rinse w/diluted vinegar (1:4-5 solution), rinse with water, then condition and rinse with water. I would not recommend this for people with color treated hair (if you have natural highlights, this will bring them out). Also, keep your eyes closed (it BURNS if it gets in your eyes), and don’t do it the same day you shave your legs- it STINGS!

I’ve heard mayonnaise works too, but I don’t know the procedure.

I had a horriable case as a child, and was afraid to tell my parents. My mom and sister eventually got them too (from me I would assume). After they found out and beat the ever living crap out of me (just kidding) we tryed the OTC remidies. They didn’t get all of them. Then we used 2x as much and wrapped towels on our heads and left it for 2x the time recommended and that did it.

I’ve had them twice, each time when I came back from India. Once from a neighbor’s kid, and once from my own cousin.

My mom used to tell me, “don’t hug them, don’t lie down near them, don’t touch them.” :rolleyes: How could I tell her a little head lice was probably worth it to me back then in exchange for the genuine love and affection they were giving me? Now, of course I think it’s disgusting, but it’s different when you’re ten or 15.

They found it in school; they used to do these head lice checks for us in school regularly. We used the shampoo and that gawd-awful comb.,

'Scuse me. Whenever I talk about lice my head itches.

Olbas Oil is Essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Wintergreen, Juniper, Clove, so I’m not surprised it worked. I used thyme e.o. on my son when he had them, and lots of conditioner with a nit comb. The school nurse wasn’t happy when I told her I wouldn’t use RID first thing, and so she checked his head every day for a week 'cause she thought nothing “natural” could possibly work. It did.

Me too! Seriously, parents ought to consider the trauma a child experiences when told: “don’t open your eyes or you’ll go blind.”

Living in a rural and agricultural community we could figure on one, maybe two, outbreaks a year when the kids were in grade school. Typically the school would send a notice that one of the students had head lice and that everyone ought to take precautions. My wife pretty well freaked out the first time it happened but after that it became pretty much routine and a lot less trouble than the end of year elementary school music extravaganza.

I got em when I was a kid. One of my friends kept getting em and passing them along.
Inceidentally here in Hawaii we call them ukus. Singular being uku. In the Hawaiian language the u is pronounced oo. Perfect name for those little buggers.

Ahhh the Hell that is head lice!

My daughter brought them home from school in third grade. Repeatedly.
We used the shampoo at least a dozen times that year. I got them too. It really, really sucks to have long frizzy curly hair with lice. We both ended up with nice little bobs after the first few treatments. I remember being really pleased with that RID enzyme conditioner too. The nits slid out fairly easy after using that.

Had an outbreak at my house years ago and I never want to go through that again.

My son and I were still living at home, my sister was in the process of leaving her husband so she and her daughter were there, so that’s four, plus my mom, her husband, and his two kids. That’s 8 heads to treat, 8 sets of bedding, about 6 rooms full of furniture, and my niece and I both had thick waist-length hair. Plus the dog, a curly-haired cockapoo, and the cat, who did NOT appreciate us trying to give him a bath in kill-the-lice shampoo.

We battled the little ickies for an entire week before achieving victory.

Never had them and so far so good neither have my kids but only one has attened pre-school so far. There’s still plenty of time… LOL

I do remember in elementary school, my bestest best friend’s sister got them (doctor’s kids no less) and they both had to have their gorgeous, waist lenght hair bobbed. I cried because I was living vicariously through my friend and her beautiful hair.

LOL, I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.