Head of Aborted Fetus Left in and Later Slips Out

Is this story true?


I think a warning about that rather disturbing picture would have been appropriate!


IIRC, World Net Daily is reputable enough.

Here are some other links, although I can’t help you as to the veracity. Perhaps these sites will.


Fetus-head picture warning (NSFW) http://www.voice-online.net/content.php?show=4695&type=1

deep breath


That poor, poor woman - I mean, what else can go wrong in her life?! She’s miserably ill, she has children to take care of, she ends up pregnant by mistake and has to make the very difficult choice to terminate, and then surprise!! That would really mess me up, and I’m healthy and relatively stress-free.

I belive you don’t recall correctly. I’m pretty sure WND has a bad reputation around here.

The whole thing sounds like pro-life propaganda, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

How would there be distinct eyes, ears, nose and a mouth on a head measuring 4 cm? I don’t know if that’s supposed to be 4 cm around or 4 cm long or what, but some googling and conversion tell me that’s only an inch and a half…

So if it is true would it still be propaganda?

How do the most pro-choice* leaning people view this, just a lump of cells? An attempt of pro-life doctors to undermind them?

  • Note I do not like using the term ‘pro-choice’, but using it out of respect to keep things civilized.

It could (and would be) USED as propaganda, absolutely.

I view it as a lump of bullshit from an online, right-wing tabloid that should be taken seriously if and only if it’s confirmed by somebody worth reading. In the unlikely event it’s true, I’d view it as a horrible freak occurance.

It’s odd that it doesn’t seem to be in any UK publications.

Original article.

I don’t really see why bigger news agencies should have thought this particularly newsworthy - a small piece of bone 4cm across was accidentally left in the uterus after the curettage of the 12-week old foetus. I would imagine that it might be quite common for a piece of foetal material to stick to the uterus - in this case it was the tiny but gruesomely photogenic face.

In the event that this is real, then:

It’s nothing that would change anybody’s views on abortion except by virtue of the fact that it’s gross. Unless you can explain to me how ‘fetuses have faces (like anybody didn’t know that)’ -> ‘abortion is murder.’