head puzzle

Somebody I worked with posed this one at me:

“If he saw the dust, he wouldn’t have died”

Apparently, it’s a game. You’re supposed to ask various yes or no questions in order to figure out what happened (the answer).

Unfortunately, I never got the answer before I moved away.

I know only two pieces of fact:

He was blind.
The dust was sawdust.
Does anybody know this puzzle and the answer? (Or even what I’m talking about?)

This sounds like a logic puzzle, based on suggestions by Edward De Bono.

‘A man enters a field and dies.’
By asking questions, you can establish he was a parachutist with a duff parachute.

Your one is tricky, since I can’t ask questions.

How about:

the blind man walks into a circular saw cutting logs…

The New Triffids got him.

Everyone on Earth has been struck blind after watching a meteor shower the night before. Little did they know that this meteor display heralded the arrival of the New Triffids!

The only way to detect these monsters if by the trails of sawdust they leave behind…this poor man failed to spot the trail and a New Triffid ate his brain.

Unfortunate, but true…

Triffids, huh?

Actually, I’d buy that…
…not for a dollar, mind you…

I remember this one…spoilers below:

[sub]The man was a circus freak, billed as “The World’s Shortest Man”, and he walked with a cane. One day, out of professional jealousy another circus performer (the world’s second shortest man, apparently) cut an inch off of the bottom of the man’s cane. The next time he tried to use the cane, the man stumbled forward. Assuming that he had grown an inch, and hence was no longer the world’s shortest man, the man killed himself. But if he had seen the sawdust, he would have known that his cane had been sabotaged, and wouldn’t have killed himself.

Don’t look at me, I didn’t make this stuff up.[/sub]

now I won’t die from trying to know what the heck it was all about!

Or should this go into MPSIMS, being a game and all…

A guy lives on the 48th floor of an apartment building. Every morning he takes the elevator down and goes to work. Every afternoon he takes the elevator to the 32nd floor and walks up the remaining 16 flights of stairs. Why?

… unless it’s raining, in which case he takes the elevator all the way up to the 48th.

Whenever we’ve done these before, they’ve gone in MPSIMS, with the other games. I think that this thread is dead, now.