Heading to Vegas?

We are going to Vegas next week, does any one have any suggestons on the best places to Eat, and best places to gamble, or any other good tips? Thanks all!

Definately go see Lance Burton’s Magic Show at the Monte Carlo Casino Hotel. He is absolutely phenominal!

High dollar, both the Bellagio and Venetian are nice. Emeril’s Delmonico at the Venetian, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesars, and Commanders Palace in the Aladdin will all treat you right if you have the coin. For cheaper dining, I like the mexican place beside the canal inside the Venetian. Get a pitcher of margaritas and drink yourself silly.

Midrange, I like Paris. I also like the Monte Carlo, especially the brew pub in the monte carlo - great for a few beers or a cheap lunch or dinner. The buffet at Paris is nice, and if you can get a sidewalk cafe seat at their Mon Ami Gabi resteraunt you can watch the Bellagio fountain show from across the street.

My favorite low roller joint is The Orleans, off the strip. It has low table limits and fairly good and reasonable resteraunts. Don’t pay full price for show tickets unless you are fixed on a show that is a must see for you. Go to Tickets 4 tonight at the Fashion Show Mall just north of Treasure Island at around 11:30 AM and buy half price tickets for that nights shows at lots of places on the strip. You won’t get Danny Gans tickets but you can get some good shows. I really liked the American Superstars show at the Imperial Palace, thought it would be cheesy but it was great.

Tripadvisor.com is probably the best site to get vegas info.

Have fun. I was there in April and whenever I get back it won’t be soon enough.

Money-saving tip: Don’t bring any.

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I see you are new and a guest. Have been lots of threads about this. Try doing a search using the word “vegas” and see what you come up with.

I live here in Las Vegas and could answer any specific question.

Best buffet on The Strip is the one at the Paris Hotel…but I have heard the new Wynn hotel has a good buffet, as does Bellagio…although none of them are cheap by any means, try at least one - it is worth the price!

If I knew a great place to gamble (meaning win) I wouldn’t have to work at a normal job. However, if you are going to play slot machines, stick with Wheel Of Fortune, but be sure to play the maximum coins. And you can’t go wrong with video poker - find the Double Double Poker game, a locals’ favorite, and you can do fairly well. You can play for nickels, quarters, dollars or higher. Stick to a budget you can afford so you can play awhile. Even a nickel machine (max 5 coins) will pay you at least $200 for a Royal Flush and you can play a long time if it only costs a quarter a game.

There are a couple of places on The Strip that offer half price show tickets the day of the show. You won’t find tickets to Celine Dion there, but you might be able to score some other shows and for half price, that is a good deal.

Have a great time - and bring comfortable shoes as by the end of three days, you will have walked about 329 miles without realizing it.

I also live in Vegas, and DMark gave excellent advice, except I think the brunch buffet at Mandalay Bay beats all others. :smiley:

My inevitable Vegas dining recommendation is Lotus of Siam. It’s a fabulous Thai place in Commercial Center (a cruddy strip mall a little ways from the Strip–you’ll need a cab or rental car).