Okay, let’s imagine that humans could all see perfectly well in the dark. With no need to invent an artificial light source, would electricity ever have been “discovered”?



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Of course!

Ben Franklin was goofing around with kites and keys more than a century before Tom Edison developed a practical electrical light source.

Electricity was discovered long before anyone thought to use it to make light.

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Aha! But would the electric company have been discovered??

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If it hadn’t been, would Morgan Freeman have been as popular an actor as he is?

You could as easily ask if humans would have ever learned to use fire, since they wouldn’t need it to see…

Electricity is used for far more than just lights; it would certainly have been used to develop electric motors to name just one.

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But if we didn’t need light bulbs, what would appear over our heads when we had an idea?

If we could see perfectly well in the dark we would need to invent REAL darkness. I mean, how would we watch films, tell ghost stories, make good shadow puppets, and most importantly, make love to that blind date who’s face is not quite on par with her body?

Hell is Other People.

And could you see yourself in the mirror with your eyes closed?

And the Bible might begin a bit differently.

Genesis, Chapter One:

1 In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

  1. And the Earth was without form and void and lightness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

  2. And God said, Let there be dark: And there was dark.

Maybe the question should be: “How would life and history be different if humans could see perfectly in the dark?”

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What makes you think we can’t? You know Sony Nightshot, cool!

Plus, what about lightning? I mean, shoot, what would happen to that if no electricity? Then it would be blackening?

Threads like this make me seek the dark side of the sun.