Heads up young male dopers, draft boards are gearing back up!! - Will you serve?

I agree that bringing back the draft under the current circumstances would be an incredibly stupid idea.

Unfortunately, I felt the same way about a two-front war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If so I wish I could turn the clock back about 3 years. I often find myself wishing I had served my country when I could.

Yes, if I were drafted I would go willingly.

If I survived I’d work towards getting G. Dubya tossed in jail, of course. I really hope he’s not that incompetent.

Soo… who wants to come to a Toronto DopeFest? :smiley:

I wouldn’t go if I got drafted.
If we were being invaded by mexico or something, that’d be different, but to go over and fight a war about oil. Nope.

I suppose if I were drafted for a war like Iraq I would have to make a tough choice between resisting because I don’t want to kill innocent people in a war that will end up making America less secure, or going and then using my military experience as a political tool in a campaign to discredit Bush and his hypothetical successors.

I’m too old and already did my thing in the Reserves. I agree that turning back the clock to a conscripted army vs. an all volunteer army would have only negative results militarily and politically. That being said, IF I were younger and IF there was some sort of cataclysmic event that neccesitated conscription I would volunteer instead. Yeah, I know that breaks the first rule I learned in the army: Never Volunteer. I never said I was a smart troopie…

Oh, I don’t think it’s actually coming back, I think they’re gearing up in case someone thinks about maybe possibly bringing it back.

If I was an American I would be brushing up on my Japanese and heading over there with an extended VISA (I’m still a Japanese citizen- recently renewed passport).

Does it state in the Draft men only? Shouldn’t women also be included since there are women in the army right now?

I’m 33, so I’d probably be exempt, but heck, yes, I’d serve. My country needs me, I’ll fill that need.

I don’t cheat on my taxes either.

Just a note–

Everyone who’s said “if drafted, I will not serve,” your names have been forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security. :smiley:

What, and abandon a tradition blazed by folks like George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill O’Reilly, and Pat Buchanan?

From what I’ve heard, talks of starting the draft back up are usually initiated by anti-war politicians. The logic being, with a draft in place, hawks would be more prone to actually thinking about the reasons for going to war, and being less willing to send kids to their deaths. It’s a lot easier on the conscience to send a volunteer army to war than an involuntary one.

I’m certainly of the opinion, as stated by others here, that training massive numbers of young men to be “grunts” in a traditional khaki-wearing, rifle-totin’ sense makes little sense in 21st Century combat, and I think this draft won’t happen. Especially not in the case of the USA, which is unlikely to face an attack on its own soil of any type for which a massive infantry response is required. America has opted for a leaner, meaner, and high tech military, and I can’t see that changing.

Bring back the draft? But the draft causes cities to defect! And here I thought the U.S. was going for a cultural victory, not a conquest.


Anyway, I’ve got some room in my house, not to mention a family tradition of the same.

Thank you rjung, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be the one to remember the list of republican dodgers!

As of right now the U.S. Army wouldn’t take a big ole open queer like myself in its ranks, although I have a gut feeling that sort of thing would go by the wayside in interests of getting me shot. I also can honestly say I’m a conscientious objector to war in general, no matter how “justified” it may be. I take the Quaker stance that God didn’t put me on this Earth to shoot holes in some other poor sucker who’s only probable crime was trying and failing to shoot holes in me so I wouldn’t do it to him.

I’ll admit it gets murky at points, but short of an absolute direct threat to my life or the lives of those around me, I don’t believe killing ever works into a successful answer. Look at Palestine and Israel, for heaven’s sake! Me killing you gives your buddies reason to kill me which gives my buddies reason to kill your buddies and soon enough no one remembers whether I killed you or you killed me, but can damn well remember all the buddies they lost over it.

Well I just turned 30, so count me out I guess.

Well I’m a 31 year old Canadian currently down south so I’m out of the running, however, I would certainly dodge the draft. This is from someone who spent a short amount of time in the Reserves and would gladly volunteer for something along the lines of WWII.

I’m out of the running as I turn 25 in March and whoops… I’m a girl.

It has always ooked me a bit that women are not required to register, but my feminist anti-sexism side doesn’t quite overpower the thank god I’m not going to be forced to move to Canada.

Though I do also enjoy brushing up against Canadians.

Are female Canadians called Canadiennes?

It’s an interesting question. My father served in the Army Air Corp back in World War II. His two brothers also served, one in the Navy and the other as a medic in the Army. My father’s grandfather, I believe, served in the Union Army during the Civil War. My maternal grandfather served in the National Guard during Korea, I believe. My family has a history with the military.

I suppose that if I were drafted, I would serve. Even if I disagreed vehemently with the reasons for the conflict (such as in the present case), I’d still feel compelled to serve out of a sense of duty to my country. I guess that those civic classes in school and a small sense of patriotism would be my reasons for going.

Even if the draft were reinstated, which I highly doubt, the window for drafting me if fast approaching. Twenty-five in six months. Even in the unlikely chance I were drafted, I’d probably be exempt anyway or at least shipped off to the support services. According to an Army recruitment officer I spoke with before I entered college, he said I likely wouldn’t be allowed to volunteer because a childhood accident resulted in my left leg being almost an inch and a half longer than the other and because I’m quite obese.