"Health Benefits Network" - real?

I have also received this card and I have the same questians.


From their privacy policy page:

I too was leary when i received my “free” discount card. I am definately a “doubting thomas” but i figured i would give it a try & report back with the “true grit”. That is to say~~ i would give it a try & when it kicked back~~ at least i would know what to tell the rest of the world.
Don’t know what their “motivations” are but~~ it does work@!
Dropped it on our local walmart pharmacy & whammo~~ they knocked off about $30 of the $64 combined cost i am use to paying for my 3 perscriptions!
Didn’t do anything for the one walmart covers at $4 but it sure wacked about 45% off the other 2 combined.
So~~ nobody gets anything for free but i say as long as they are paying~ might as well keep those extra bucks in your pocket~~ or go buy some groceries like i did. ;'o})

So, RAYLEARNED, since I doubt that anyone would give you free groceries just because of your misuse of font cases, just how do you think the discount card company makes their money? It must come from something you have to offer, like medical and personal data. Was there any fine print that could shed some light on that?

If you’re using an awards program for miles or points at your drugstore that is exactly how they got your info.

The old saying, if it seems to good to be true it probably is, applies here.

When they first started these programs where I live I insisted we not participate, against my hubby’s wishes, he’s so cheap he’d do anything to save a nickel. Fast forward a couple of years and lo and behold all his friend’s are having problems claiming their miles/points. Black out dates, etc, etc. Restructuring the program, points evaporating, and on and on endlessly.

Could it be along the same lines as the one at http://www.rxcut.com/phillysoul/en/Landing1.html where the company gets paid by the pharmacy.

And why would the pharmacy pay the company?

Well folks~~ especially you there MUSICAT~~ Please do forgive my improper use of fonts but I was trying to make a point~~ not make “points” with the “upper LEARNED crust”.
I have no idea how they make their money~ nore do I care.
You seem to have some form of “conspiracy theory” going BUT~~ if you really believe that your med records and everything about you is not already being held in 1000’s of computer banks~ you are nieve. Why Mr Gates alone holds every email & everything sent anywhere in his data files.
Anyway, as long as that extra $30 stays in my pocket~ they are welcome to my med history because they have it already! Privacy laws went out the window with the war on drugs & terrorism friend.

So it doesn’t matter to you. Great. You don’t have to care, and I don’t care that you don’t care. Just as an academic exercise, how do you think the card company makes its money? Is it donating to your welfare for no reason, or are you supplying them with something they can sell?

My irony meter just pegged.

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(Magic 8-Ball says, “Signs point to no.”)

I received in the mail today a “Pharmacy Discount Card” from “Health Benefits Network.” I have never heard of this organization. They don’t even have my full name on the mailing, a sure sign that they are working from a secondary source.

Has anybody else received one of these? Does anybody know anything about this organization or this card? Is this real? useful? legit? trap-free?[/ I recieved one also and when I tried to use it at cvs they said I made the script go UP 10 cents per pill…HUH? well I call them and told the and they said that was strange and offered no explanation. they said to try it at a different place, if I get another fishy answer from a drug store, then I,m reporting them to the BBB…dont know why I got the card but the letter it came w/had the name of my normal drug on it,strange to say the least. Please if anyone knows bout this , email me … jedi4747@yahoo.com]

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Jedi4747, you seem to be having trouble with the quote function. I suggest you use the “preview” button to test what you are doing before posting. You can preview any number of times before releasing your [del]mistakes[/del] bon mots to the entire world.

In any case, if anyone has more info (and we seem to be rather short of it at the moment), rather than emailing you, we hope they will post in this thread. After all, isn’t that the reason for a message board?

These cards are for real. I assume collecting information about you is part of the deal, I assume they send some portion of that data off to drug companies, and who knows who else?

The business itself wouldn’t cost much more to run than the mailouts and initial negotiations with corpropharma. The way these cards work, as discussed above, is simply by a pharmacy agreeing to take a lower price for drugs in exchange for the perceived increase in business - there is no payment from the discount card issuer to the pharmacy.

These discount cards give the largest proportional discounts to generic drugs that are moderately priced - there’s not going to be much, if any discount on a $4 generic, and there isn’t going to be much discount on most brand-name drugs, because the profit margins on them are already so low. Pharmacies make the bulk of their profits selling you penicillin 500mg #28 for $15 (wild estimation), which costs them pennies, rather than the 30 Lipitor that they may actually lose money on with an insured patient. or make only a small profit from a cash-paying patient. (Much better to convince the cash-paying patient to ask the MD about switching to a generic simvastatin or similar, in adherence and profits) The penicillin is an example of a prescription where the patient may actually save 75%, savings on the more and less expensive drugs are going to be much smaller. I’ve seen claims submitted to these cards that actually knocked pennies off of expensive brand-name prescriptions.

As Hirka T’Bawa mentioned upthread, certain information is transmitted electronically every time a claim is submitted to any PBM, whether it is for a discount card or insurance. I haven’t ever read any of their privacy policies; that’s an exercise left for the reader. I’ve seen them printed in the paper here, with instructions to submit the patient’s phone number as the ID number. Data mining for sure, but we had quite the handful of people who benefited from it.

So to recap:

Yes, they give you a discount where they’re accepted, so the pharmacy doesn’t lose you to another pharmacy. Some drugs more than others, of course.

Yes, some information is transmitted about you.

I believe the card issuer receives a dollar or so each time the card is used to purchase a prescription. That is the way the company makes a profit.

For example, if the drug’s retail price is $90 and you pay $60, the pharmacy is actually charging $59 for the drug and $1 as a fee that goes back to the card issuer.

Buying and selling personal info would probably be less profitable than that overall, and certainly less legal and therefore risky.

I understand why people are skeptical, but it’s possible the paranoia is unfounded.

Note that the card is designed mostly for people who don’t have insurance.

So shouldn’t that fact show up in the fine print? Or is it legal to collect and forward any medical info for anyone without their knowledge?

Any time a claim is submitted to any PBM, there is at least name/DOB/name of drug that accompanies it. The same thing happens when you send a claim to your regular insurance company; that’s how they identify that it’s you and process your benefits.

The explanation handyguy makes way more sense than selling that info, but the company is getting some basic information about you regardless.

It seems " health benefits network" is a marketing project of Loeb Enterprises on behalf
of Bio Scrip " www.bioscrip.com" community pharmacy network If you use the pharmacy locater on the HBN web site you will see the BioScrip logo Just follow the breadcrumbs from there. Loeb is in the business of mass marketing everything from branded merchandise to political candidates. Apparently BioScrip made some deals with
big pharma that they couldn’t quite cover. Sooo, they hired Loeb to flood the market with their offer, so they coul.d cover their bets. Completely Legal, I.E. BS makes a deal with a drug company for a $100 drug. We will pay $50 each for 10,000 prescriptions. If they don’ t make the numbers they lose the discount. Sooo, you go to the drug store, You get your prescription for $65 BS makes $10 and Loeb makes $5 and everybody goes home happy.

The address is abbreviated to try and deter you from figuring out it is just a mailbox (#106) at the UPS Store, 4410 Massachusetss Ave, DC.

Today Monday, 7/25/2011 I got card in mail saying to take to pharmacy next time I get my medication, and save 75%. What did you find out about this co.?

Today Monday, 7/25/2011 I got card in mail saying to take to pharmacy next time I get my medication, and save 75%. What did you find out about this co.?