"Health Benefits Network" - real?

All we know is in this thread. Did you read through it?

Alot of complaints on another page about the Co. So beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing. LOL. They know where to go for more money from us. Our medications. This co. is reported to make promises to people, and take their money and run. This I just read on another page of complaints.

I also recieved pharmacy discount card. Used it at local pharmacy the prescription came to $217.00 Gave the discount card and the total jumped to $234.00.
My conclusion shred it!!

Just recived one of these today, don’t know anything about them yet…

Yes, I’m aware that access to my information was the price I paid for an $83.00 price drop (cost $207, paid $124) on a medication that was not covered by my insurance.

http://www.pharmacydiscountnetwork.com/privacy.html …read this before you use the card, then you decide.


That’s pretty scary. It tells the numerous ways they require and collect personal information and the myriad of third parties they pass it along to. Just because it may be aggregated doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence that I would be anonymous.

******[COLOR=“Purple”]**My husband got one of these cards - two of them in fact - from the Health Benefits Network in Washington DC. I have tried to find out more about them as we all know ‘if it sounds too good to be true it usually is’. I found your site from my search.

My husband lost his job 18 months ago. His COBRA health insurance fortunately has an extra extension as we live in CA for another 18 months. Of course we are now paying full pop for this insurance, but lost the dental and eye coverage. If this card is legit it could help us out a lot. :smiley:

I am on disability and have Medicare, but also have Kaiser as my Medicare supplement insurance. Kaiser buys out the contract from Medicare so they have full control over the benefits they provide. They are very controlling about using any outside source for prescriptions to save money. You can jeopardize your membership if you go to a non-Kaiser pharmacy. :eek:

Does anyone know if Kaiser would accept this card? :confused:

Have people used this card successfully without any negative repercussions? :confused:******

Thanks for any input to help! :D[/COLOR]**

It sounds to me like you need to ask Kaiser about this, not us.

I’m sorry Chronos - I am brand new to this group. After reading more of the comments it looks like having health insurance and using this card do not mix. My husband has COBRA health insurance. Doing anything that could jeopardize that is out of the question. It is definitely not worth the risk. Doing anything to possibly lose my coverage with Kaiser is also not worth the risk. The cards came saying that they were all ready approved and all ready to be used. How is that possible if we have never applied for them. Sounds like a phishing scam to me now that I think about it. Buyer Beware! I know all about those lists of collected personal information being sold to unscrupulous scammers and spammers. This feels like one of those ‘scams’ that become activated the first time you use the card and your personal information from the pharmacy is then collected for the list. I read over the website for the card and it promises not to share information, but they can say anything they want to on a website. Does not mean any of it is true. I think we shall pass on this ‘discount’. Sound like it would cost a lot more than it is worth in the end. >^…^<

You are wise, krazikat, to be skeptical. But I think it wouldn’t hurt to check with Kaiser before discarding the card, as Chronos suggested.

IMHO, you might indeed benefit financially, but lose privacy. Could be the benefits outweigh the sacrifices. At least that’s what I have gleaned from this thread discussion.

I also received 2 Pharmacy Discount Cards today. I had never heard of them before either. I called the number listed at the bottom of the page (1-877-513-1935) and spoke to a very nice young man who explained everything to me. It sounds legit to me. I asked him how he received my name and he said sometimes people who are already users of the card will recommend other people who may be interested. I asked him if there is ever a fee or charge of any kind, he said there absolutely is no charge at all. I asked him who was behind this company and where they gets their funds from. He told me they are a company in D.C. who offers this discount card to people knowing the cost of meds today, particularly those who don’t have health coverage. The way they make money is when the pharmacy gives you the discount, they receive a percentage of that from the pharmacy, which is why the pharmacy is inclined to honor the card. If they don’t comply the customer would be inspired to use a different pharmacy. He said some small stores will not accept the card but most places do. And he said even if you do have health insurance you can also receive a discount. I also asked him about the percentage, it said “up to 75%” - so I asked what the average savings was and he told the average is 25-30%, he seemed very honest and forthcoming.

I may be naive, but it all sounded very feasible to me. Like I said he was more than forthcoming with every question I asked him. I of course haven’t had a chance to try mine yet, but I am definitely going to use it on my next visit to my pharmacy.

If you have any other questions, I would advise you to call that number - they are very nice and answer all you questions.

I called Health Benefits Network and told them they were not accredited by the BBB and had 6 complaints. The man on the phone told me he was not aware of this and said the complaints were probably from people who had tried to use the card at a small business with a pharmacy which he said usually will not honor the card but added that most companies do. He told me that the benefit to them from us using the card is that they receive a percentage of the discount from the pharmacy. The pharmacy is inclined to comply because they could lose business if the customer goes to another pharmacy that does comply.

When I spoke to Health Benefits Network he told me they were located in D.C. and the return address on my envelope is: 4410 Mass. Ave #106, Wash., D.C.

I don’t know if it was just a typo, but my card lists the company as LOEB, not LOEW. I haven’t researched LOEB, so I don’t know if this will make a difference or not.

If I were you I would call Health Benefit Network (1-877-513-1935). I called them several times with questions and found them to be very helpful and forthcoming.

I received 2 cards today for the first time. I called the company and asked them what they get out of doing this since there is no charge, they told me that they receive a percentage of the discount the pharmacy gives to you. And there was no drug info on my letter.

When I called the company and asked them how they made any money doing this since there is no charge to us. They told me they receive a percentage of the discount that is given to us.

I’m curious now about what was said about Massachusetts Ave., which is the correct address. If you look at your envelope the address is listed as: Mass. Ave., which would be an abbreviation for Massachusetts Ave.