Health Care Question (No Politics Please)

Say my employer decides to stop providing healthcare and pay the penalty.

Our plan is pretty standard: 15 dollar co-pay and 80/20 percent for the big stuff.

Say I make 40,000 a year. So now I have to get insurance from a gov exchange and pay $200, $300/month or whatever out of my pocket?

Do the tax subsidies apply at my income level? The site doesn’t have answers.

Yes (sort of) and yes.

You have to get coverage if your employer drops it and pays the penalty. OR you could pay the penalty and go without.

If you opt for getting coverage then there would be some subsidy at your income level. Single persons with incomes less than $44,000 or family of four with incomes less than about $80,000 qualify for subsidized rates. The closer your income is to the limit the less the subsidy.

Thank you, and upon further reading, I realize the question had already been asked.