Health Insurance and costs/coverage re behaviour

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I often ask GQs that touch on certain subjects that I eventually want to explore further.

Often times the subject matter and/or my phrasing tend to lead them off the rails (my fault) … but for some reason the Mods never make any effort to put them back on track (funny how that works).

But this is not about that really although it will be interesting to see if the usual suspects see this as an invite to drop a deuce and if so whether a Mod will do anything about it.

Why the intro? Because a recent GQ about wearing seat belts is now closed.

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The GQ… does Obamacare change anything related to coverage or costs based on behavior like smoking, wearing seat belts, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, etc. ?

If I remember correctly, the ‘Obamacare’ law allowed insurers to charge higher premiums for smokers and a few other limited characteristics, but not for most other factors. (Pre-existing conditions cannot be considered any more, and I suspect the applicant’s propensity to wear a seatbelt or helmet cannot be either).

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