Health insurance cost for those buying their own

Well, my observation is that the passing of the ACA has not lowered my pretty average family’s bill by $2500 per year and has, in fact, far increased my premium, copays and deductible by far more than the average increases over the last 10 years. So, no, this was not an increase that was expected over time and I conclude that it may be due to ACA. Just guessing here.

Prior to ACA, I was uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions. Last year our premiums were 750 a month (covering two of us), this year our premium is 950 a month for a gold plan. It’s worth it. We don’t get a subsidy.

It’s funny how our brains work. Its not just you, I’ve even seen supporters of the ACA grudgingly admit that yeah, this is still expensive and rising like never before… But when you run the actual numbers, the increases in premiums have been modest compared to past increases.

So, don’t guess. Pull out some of your old statements and figure out what your raises were like in the mid to late 90s. While it’s possible you’re an exception, for the majority of us, our increases were hitting us even harder back then.

This. There hasn’t been a year since I started working full-time in 1992 that insurance premiums, copays, and deductibles didn’t increase.

I’m paying $250/month for my share of the premium, because I’m middle-aged and have chronic medical conditions and don’t want the goddamn high-deductible PPO or an HMO. Never again on an HMO.

In 2015 the (silver) policy for my son and me is @$540. It went up $183 to @$723. I had to switch to a cheaper bronze plan with a huge deductible which costs $584/month.

I do get a subsidy, which went up a little, so I will be paying a little bit less each month.

That’s what it was in 2010 or so, it was a good Anthem policy. Might have been high deductible, don’t remember the exact details. I have/had no preexisting conditions, perfect health, never smoked, etc. Of course that doesn’t matter on ACA policies.

From what I’ve read it comes out of your tax refund. If you structure your federal deductions so you don’t get a federal refund, you don’t pay. Now the only question is will the uninsured balance carry forward to future years so I have to keep ensuring I get no refund forever?

Yeah the $280 plan is an HMO, never been on one of those before but hear lots of complaints. That makes me even more reluctant to have insurance.

Mine is going up a little (around $20) and everything in terms of deductible and benefits is staying about the same.

If the study looked at all 50 states and DC, and not just 19 states, the numbers might be worth something.

HMOs are fine if you are relatively healthy. I don’t want to spend my time tracking down referrals and so forth for my allergist and neurologist and ortho surgeon, so I won’t have an HMO. Also, my HMO back in the day prevented me from going to the ER when I needed to. This is no longer an issue with HMOs, BTW. I’m just still pissed off 20 years later.

Premium costs for me and my daughter:

2014: $450.55/mo
2015: $531.11/mo
2016: $661.65/mo

All for the very same plan with the very same benefits.

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HAHAHA! That is amusing. The rest of us pay $280 per month.

My company reimburses me and my business partner for our ACA plans. His is $1290/mo for a family of 3 and mine is $350/mo (including dental) for my HSA plan.

Previous to ACA we paid $500/year to be a part of a local business consortium and we were able to get insurance through that for about $1800/mo for my partner and $400/mo for me. So ACA did give us lower costs.

The cost of my partner’s insurance went up about $100-200/year every year we had it. My HSA plan was always less costly but also went up every year.

$280/mo for health insurance is awesome.

Prior to the ACA, I’d see premium increases around 30% - 40% every year. I was paying about $350 the last time I had employer-provided insurance for single coverage.

My first ACA policy was around $150. I’ve moved states, and my 2016 ACA policy will have a premium of $108.

If I wanted a bronze plan with nothing covered until the $6000 deductible is met, I can get a plan here for $8.21/mo.

This is completely false. I was literally in the process of getting insurance when this passed. I was given 2 figures to work with. One if it passed, one if it didn’t. It absolutely raised my rate.

We were promised it would go down, not up, not less up, DOWN.

And were those two plans exactly identical?

The biggest change that occurred immediately upon passage was rules about lifetime maximums: “oooh, you’ve hit your limit–no more insurance for you!” Had the law not passed, companies could continue to offer plans that could leave you uninsured and uninsurable in the event of catastrophic injury or major illness. Hare you sure the plan you were being offered didn’t have that little feature?

By whom? How does the quote from your employer reflect the impact of Obamacare? Surely you see your employer can arbitrarily set their contribution towards premiums to validate their own agenda?

We’re talking personal policies. No employer, no agenda. Read the op.

I had 8 years of buying personal policies between jobs. Not only did obama care jack up insurance prices for personal policies it did so for employers who turned around and cut hours to dump the cost back on the worker.

it was a massively expensive program that didn’t bring in the people it was supposed to help and it hurt millions. It was a lie from inception.

I went from $900 a month to $132 a month for better coverage. Millions of people had similar experiences. Obamacare has been an unqualified success.

You have been misinformed.

No, you didn’t. Someone else paid your subsidy. We’re discussing people who pay for their own which is the actual cost of a policy.