F*ck Obmama and ACA

I don’t have any pre-existing conditions or prescriptions. Yet my privately-bought health insurance premiums have gone up by over 250% in two years.

Is anyone having the same problem, or are you reaping the riches?

I’m reaping the riches. What I pay now is less than I paid before, although it has gone up a little in the two years.

With out knowing more about your financial status, it’s hard for me to work up any outrage.

Does this premium hike mean you’ll be on a strict diet of Ramen noodle? Or does it mean you won’t be able to afford the new Iphone?

I’m old-fashioned and get my health insurance through my employer. The premium is deducted automatically, and I have no Idea what it costs. I know what my copay is, because I write a check for it every time I see my doctor- $30.

A check? What are you, some kinda bigshot? I give my doc a sack of nickels.

This year, my premium went down, from $182 a month to $119 a month, and my deductible went down, from $1100 a year to $500 a year. So, yeah, I’m reaping the riches.

It’s one of the few things I use my checkbook for anymore, My Dr. doesn’t accept my fancy plastic debit card, even though it pulls money from the same place as my checkbook does. I like the bag of nickels approach, I bet he’d prefer plastic over that.

Well, if Sue Lowden had gotten elected, maybe you could have just given the doc a chicken.

As has been said, not enough info to know what your rant is. If you are saying that the amount your company is contributing has gone down, then the correct answer is “fuck the employee benefit cutting bastards at my company”. Of course in that case your out of pocket goes up, but that is really your company pocketing the money, which is their choice, not something forced on them by any government health care initiatives.

What did it go up before ACA? Because my (at the time) privately-bought health insurance went about the same percent. Over the 6 years or so I had it, I could count on the premiums doubling every 2-3 years.

Once again, that was BEFORE ACA.

With you in general terms on ACA. It was a mistake to not take a Machiavellian approach to getting fully-funded single-payer through a treasonous congress. All ACA did was force-feed health insurers and limit, to some extent, their ability to completely screw people over. Personally, my health insurance hasnt’ changed price in any real way since before ACA.

I’d suggest the OP start looking at the Exchanges, but chances are he’s in a red state that refuses him that option.

In which case it’s much less ‘fuck Obama’ and much more ‘Fuck your Republican state government’.

It’s Obama’s fault that my state gubbermint won’t allow me affordable healthcare! That’s why i keep re-electing them!

The Republicans: Elect us and we’ll make sure your government works for us, and not you!

Me too.

People need to stop pretending like the ACA did not force increased costs on the insurers, since it makes them cover more. 250% seems a bit harsh, but it is true that costs went up due to taking on more people. And employers did have to start insuring more people, which might mean they wind up contributing less on a per-employee basis.

And the exchanges are a joke for those at the low end who already had insurance. Because they lack employer contributions, they are more expensive unless you can get subsidies–which you can’t if your employer offers insurance and you aren’t eligible for Medicaid. And I’m in Arkansas, where Medicaid was expanded.

I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. But then I saw the real results. When non-profit entities like where my mom works have to switch insurers and give you worse insurance, there’s a real price increase.

I only hope the penalty will get more people in and bring the prices down.

Reaping the riches here.

Quit my job a few years ago, paid through the nose for a shitty plan for the several months before the exchanges opened up. Once that option was available, my family was able to get a better plan for less than half what we were paying before. And we were able to start a business.

This year, I’ve also been working for a small non-profit, so I told them not to worry about finding an insurance plan for me, just bump my salary a bit to cover the cost and I’ll stay on the exchange insurance. The price of the premium did go up a little this year, but now that my employer is covering the cost, it all works out.

Thank you Barack H. Obama!

My premiums have gone up slightly. But then they also went up every other year since I’ve ever had my own insurance. So I guess I’m not having any new problems, nor reaping any untold riches.

Wow, your math is bad. It also blessed insurers with millions more young, healthy clients who make fewer claims.

I pay the same for my insurance now that I paid before: $0. My health insurance is fulled funded by my employer, both before and after.

The premium HE pays (since he lets us know how much he’s putting in) has about doubled over the last 5 years, which was about evenly distributed before and after ACA kicked in.

No kidding. Look at the stock prices of the major insurers before and after ACA went into effect. They aren’t hurting.